Montessori: Rainbow Unit

Good Morning Ladies, This Unit fell on the perfect week for this topic. The week of St. Patricks Day! It was a fun unit to teach Aria. We enjoyed the fun activities. We did an experiment that I did not take photos of. It was off the cuff and I wanted to live in that […]

21 Mar 2018


What’s in my Shopping Cart

Good Morning Ladies, I get asked often how I shop. What do I buy, how do I buy items on a budget? Honestly, I shop around and look at items on sale first. Before I buy anything I take inventory of what I have. Will it work with what I have? If it doesn’t I […]

16 Mar 2018


Montessori Week 3: Hibernation

Good Morning, This week was actually kind of hard for us. Hibernation was hard for me to have 5 days of material to teach. We really only got three days out of this, so we did the cave building exercise twice and watched a youtube video on hibernation. Animals in Winter Sheet (Monday) This was a […]

14 Mar 2018


Green Outfit Ideas: Outfits that are pinch proof.

Good Morning Ladies, I have some fun outfit ideas for your that will help you stay pinch proof for St. Patrick’s Day. Green T-Shirt Dress This is a cute but comfortable outfit for the Holiday. I know this looks dressed up but it is really very comfortable and perfect for pretty much anything. Dressed Up […]

12 Mar 2018


Montessori Home Preschool: Intro to Reading

Good Morning Ladies, Last week you saw the Dental Health Unit I planned for Aria. For the most part, it went pretty well. There were a few things Aria wouldn’t try, and I didn’t force her. Repetition is on my side, I will keep trying until she does it. This week I am introducing words and […]

7 Mar 2018


Pinsperation: Shop your closet and your Pinterest board

Good Morning Ladies, I love being a fashion blogger for a few reasons. One, you get to provide women with outfit inspirations that they can afford. Two, you get to be inspired by other bloggers. I was browsing Pinterest when I came across this outfit | HERE | I had to have this outfit. So I […]

2 Mar 2018