Spring Cleaning: Week 3 | The Living Room

Spring Cleaning: Week 3 | The Living Room   Good Morning Ladies, We are still powering through Spring Cleaning.  I am losing steam earlier on then I usually do but I must get this done before a baby shower that I am hosting. You can check out Week 1 {HERE} and Week 2 {HERE} Let’s […]

18 Apr 2018


How to get Summer Ready Legs

How to get Summer Ready Legs I was provided with a Mermaid Razor to review, all opinions are my own Good Morning Ladies, Summer will be here before we know it. I am naturally pasty, to begin with, but winter I am basically translucent. I searched high and low for a tanning mousse that I loved. […]

16 Apr 2018


Spring Cleaning: Week 2 Dining Room/Command Center.

Spring Cleaning: Week 2 Dining Room/Command Center Good Morning Ladies, Spring cleaning continues. Last week you saw my Kitchen schedule and I hope that worked out for you like it did for me. This week is my dining room and command center. They are in one area, and dining rooms are really easy and fast […]

13 Apr 2018


We Survive: 1-800-273-8255

We Survive: 1-800-273-8255 Good Morning Ladies, I am in love with all these amazing stories you keep sending me. There is so much strength and empowerment from all of you. You all have a story and I love that you want to share your story with me! Thank you! Here is her story I don’t […]

11 Apr 2018


Why we have an open Kitchen+ Delicious Banana Bread Cake

Good Morning Babes, My mom had us cooking meals at an early age. Each one of my siblings would pick a night and cook dinner. We got to pick what to cook, my mom would buy the ingredients and then we would prepare the meal. This helped prepare us for marriage and living on our own. […]

9 Apr 2018


How to Style a Blazer for Spring

Good Morning, Blazers are such a staple not only in every closet but to any outfit. You can add a blazer to pretty much anything and make it chic. I suggest to always have a black, white, and a fun design. You can pair it easily with a tee, dress, skirt, and I have seen […]

6 Apr 2018


We Survive: Molestation

Good Morning Ladies, I have been reading every email that has come into my inbox. A while back I asked for survival stories, and you delivered. I cannot believe how strong you all are and how brave you are. To relive these details, to share these details with others is so brave and so selfless. […]

3 Apr 2018


Spring Cleaning Week 1: Kitchen

Good Morning Ladies, This sounds really weird but I love spring cleaning. Cleaning for me is a stress reliever and once I finally got a good cleaning schedule down, spring cleaning isn’t terribly hard. Tackle one room, one task at a time. For example week one is cleaning the kitchen. Day one is cleaning baseboards, […]

2 Apr 2018


Project Semi Colon

Good Morning Ladies, Project Semi Color is a cause near and dear to my heart. Not because I have an experience myself but my family members have. If you don’t know what Project Semi Colon is let me give you a brief rundown. In the grammatical world, a semicolon is punctuation added where a period could have […]

30 Mar 2018