DIY Farmhouse Free Range Chicken Sign

Hey Babes, I have always been in love with the farmhouse decor. I have always loved the vintage, distressed look. Thanks to the amazing Joanna Gaines it has become more and more popular making it easier and easier to find things. If you haven’t watched Fixer Upper you need to! Who doesn’t love Joanna?! This […]

24 Feb 2017


Blue Blouse and Yellow Accents

Hey Babes, I love styling primary colors together, especially blue and yellow. I found this top on sale from Old Navy this past weekend and it would be perfect for my everyday wear. I love a good blouse styled with skinny jeans and heels. One of my favorite outfits to wear and style. Styling this […]

23 Feb 2017


Loungewear to Datewear

Hey Babes, As many of you know mommy hood comes with not being on point all day everyday. We chase kids around in mom buns and legging. There is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we want to go out with the hubby. We don’t have the three hours to get ready anymore, especially when you […]

22 Feb 2017

kid fashion

5 best places to shop for your toddler on a budget.

Hey Babes, Shopping for kids. Right now it’s easy. I know when she starts getting older it’s going to get trickier and far more expensive. I am saving as much as I can now in shopping for her to help me in the future. When I come across sales, I usually stock up on bigger […]

21 Feb 2017


Polka Dots and Yellow

Hey babes, I love polka dots, I have a million polka dotted pieces. It’s just a fun, flirty, chic pattern. Very much describes my personality. When I saw this on a Lularoe album sale I had to snatch it! The Madison skirt is one of my favorite skirts ever. It’s so cute and flattering to […]

20 Feb 2017


Best App for storing memories

Hey Babes, When I was little my mom saved every school art project. When we moved into my new house I inherited two big boxes of childhood artwork. I had no clue what to do with it. I was warned not to throw it out but I hate clutter and boxes. I ended up throwing […]

17 Feb 2017


Thrifted Floral

Hey Babes, I was so excited when Uptown Cheapskate opened a store near my house. They have really cute things, often with tags still attached. For all you Lularoe fans I know they often buy those pieces offering you a great discount. I saw an Amelia dress there for $12, if it would have been […]

16 Feb 2017


mutha hustla

Hey babes, You guys blogging is soooo much work. I laugh when I hear trolls make fun of bloggers hey I can sit home all day and blog about crap no body cares about too. Uh, can’t. First of all a blog is like your own personal magazine minus all the employees. In my […]

14 Feb 2017


Mommy Style Monday: How to Connect with your Spouse

Hey Babes, After having Aria date nights are quite difficult. Sure we can hire a babysitter..but we trust very few to watch our daughter, and we want to be with her when we aren’t working. We get creative to connect with each other. We do our date nights at home after Aria goes to bed. […]

13 Feb 2017


Valentines Day Outfits

Hey Babes, We are closing in on Valentines Day! I am so sad because I love styling outfits for this holiday! It doesn’t matter if you celebrate the holiday or not, always make sure you just love everyone for who they are. Some people may be hard to love, but they are the ones who […]

10 Feb 2017