This years Christmas Eve Box

Good Morning, Every year we love to make a Christmas Eve box for Aria to open. This is a tradition we started with Aria and we hope she continues with her family later on in life. You can see last years box here. As a kid we would always get together Christmas Eve play games […]

6 Dec 2017


Removing Negativity from your life

The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become. Negativity will absolutely consume your life. You will always encounter people who will consciously or subconsciously bring you down.  It is always hard to not fight fire with fire, but it really serves no purpose. In life you will encounter unhappy […]

30 Nov 2017

Gift Ideas

Gift Guide For Special Needs Kids

Good Morning, I feel like there is a gift guide out there for pretty much anyone and everyone. However, I feel there is one very special group that gets left out. My family and I  served in many different special needs groups. I have such a soft spot for those with “special needs”. They are […]

28 Nov 2017


College Gameday Essentials

Good Morning, All of you should know by now I am a die hard Utes fan. I was raised on Utah football. My dad took me to my first game when I was 5, and that is when it all started. I live, breathe and eat college football. Every year I look forward to the […]

25 Nov 2017


10 Ways to Have a Good Day.

Good Morning, I believe strongly you are in charge of your feelings. Bad days will happen, that is a given. You can let bad news ruin your day, or you can focus on the bright side of things. Now I am not talking about drastic things like death, or a life changing event, those will […]

22 Nov 2017

Gift Ideas

Gift Guide for the Family: Under $100 all from Target

Good Morning, Shopping is so stressful. I am thankfully all done with my shopping. Come Black Friday watch your prices! Sometimes the deal seems great but study prices and make sure that was the original price. Prices get inflated to make it appear you are getting a great deal when in fact your not. I […]

20 Nov 2017


Raising A Confident Daughter

Good Morning, I am in the dressing rooms at stores A LOT trying on clothes. I often have Aria with me and I see and hear other moms with their daughters in their dressing room. You can  hear these women tell their daughters they hate this about themselves, or you can hear them say out […]

17 Nov 2017


Organizing for the Holidays

Thank you to Mavenx and Shopko for sponsoring this post. I was provided a compensation for this post but all opinions are my own. #ad Good Morning, When you have guests coming over getting your house in order can be stressful. I wanted to organize the linen closet for my guests making it easier for […]

15 Nov 2017


5 Cute Thanksgiving outfit ideas

5 Thanksgiving outfit ideas you can put together last minute. Good Morning, Thanksgiving is around the corner. It’s one of the best Holidays because you get to eat food and be with those you love. I am so grateful we live close to our families so Aria can run around with cousins while the adults […]

13 Nov 2017