AHHHH today is the game. I am not in my game gear yet but I will soon. And there will be pictures. Kick off is in 5 hours and there will be a lot of people at our place. We have had to move the venue out back. Let’s hope it is a good turn out.

Shirt: Rue21
Ombre Tank: Rue21
Skinny Jeans: Rue21 
Earrings: Rue21
Necklace: Rue21
Shoes: Rue21
Rue21 from head to toe…but soon I will be in red and geared up for the Holy War. 

1 thought on “Ombre and gold”

  1. I can't keep up with you and all your outfits!!!!!!! Dang girl! So Darling! And so skinny!!! You look awesome! I need to quit going on Facebook and seeing these, I end up avoiding my homework to much because I try and figure out how to copy your outfits with my closet!

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