So it is game day again. The Utes face the Aggies.  If you don’t know what a Ute is I shall tell you. Here in Utah there were three territories compromised of five tribes. Northern Utah was Shoshone and Bannock, Central Utah was compromised of the Ute and Goshute, and Southern Utah was compromised of the Paiutes. My family is part Ute and part Mohawk…I know my European skin took over my native skin. But Ute is in my blood. So my outfit is very Ute inspired. Once a year we usually go to what we call Rendezvous. People dress up like natives or cowboys and there are trading posts and you can barter and once in a while you see Abraham Lincoln. They have shooting competitions with black powder guns. It is so much fun and so much to see. My dad used to make dream catchers for these trading posts, and every time I see dream catchers I think of him. I love my dad. He works so hard and is so supportive of everything we do.

White undershirt: Papaya in California it was like 2 bucks
Native tank: Rue21
Faux leather vest: Forever 21
Jeans: Rue21
Earrings: Rue21 They were much bigger so my sister altered them for me
Bracelets: The wooden beaded one was given to me by my friend Kyle they came from Africa I believe
The bangles are Rue21
You can also wear gladiator sandals with this I couldn’t find mine 🙁
GO UTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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