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Hey Friends!
My family and I get together frequently to
watch football. It is always a party, with a huge spread of food. We love to
get together and eat. However, there is usually someone trapped in the kitchen
cooking. We decided to find a way we can all enjoy the game. I found these amazing snack stadiums on Pinterest.
There are amazing ways to build these stadiums. They are quite simple to make
and it helps keep people from cooking during the game. Everyone can actually
relax and enjoy their teams’ victory.
Products Used:
SNICKERS® Minis 40oz
PEPSI™ 12 oz. 12 pack
TOSTITOS® Chunky Salsa
Homemade Guacamole
Homemade Bean Dip
Homemade Greek Yogurt (plain)
Any type of Cheesy Puff Chip
Cookie Sheet
First you will take any cookie sheet you
have and line it with any type of foil. This just helps clean up go so much
faster. Make sure you seal the edges. This will house your layered dip.


Next, you will lay down your bean dip. I
love making mine myself. It tastes delicious. I set this down as my first layer
because it is the heaviest of the layers. If you set the salsa or guacamole
down first the bean dip would collapse through.
I then take the TOSTITOS® Chunky Salsa and lay a nice thick layer of it. I love salsa, the majority
of my family loves salsa, so I use more of this than anything else I
layer. I use a spatula to spread my layers out evenly. You can use any type of
knife or spoon.


The last layer of your dip can get kind of
tricky. When you spread on your guacamole you want to be very light handed.
That way your existing layers don’t get pushed through. Take a few spoonfuls at a
time and lightly spread it across the “field” or cookie sheet.
This step is entirely optional. I just
wanted to make yard lines and end zones. I wasn’t sure what I could use as the
markings. I saw I had some left over homemade Greek yogurt. That was the perfect
way to mark up my field. I stuffed the yogurt into a zip lock, released all the
air and cut off a corner of the bag. Homemade piping bag!
I wanted to make goal posts for my little
field. I used toothpicks and placed them through the cheesy puff chip. Make
sure not to stab yourself, and use the thicker puffs. Do not place these until
the party or they will get soggy, and face plant into the dip. I know from experience.
You can add jerky football players, or you can leave the field blank.
On to the stadium part. This is actually
so simple. Take any type of cardboard box you have. We broke our box down into
four pieces and laid them out. You will need to next make your steps. So mark
your steps, we made ours 2 inches apart.


Score the steps. This makes the folding
process easier. Cardboard this big is not the easiest to manipulate. This was a
two man job for me. To get nice steps we folded the steps accordion style. So
back and forth. Then we pressed really hard on the last fold and held it there
for a good five or so minutes so the steps would hold up without
This step you want to do when you are at
the location of the party. So if you are traveling with this stadium do these
last steps there. You will now arrange the stadium steps around your dip. We
left a good section unfolded so we could slide a piece under the dip sheet. Set
up the stadium as desired. To add a little stability we used PEPSI™ 12 oz. 12 pack cans. This kept our stadium from sliding backwards or kept the stairs
from collapsing as people reached in for the dip.
Arrange the food as desired. We randomly
placed SNICKERS® Minis 40oz, TOSTITOS® Scoops, SKITTLES® XL 41 oz., popcorn, and cheese puff


Add your goal posts.
You have completed your Snack stadium! How
will you create your own Snack stadium?


I found everything I needed at my local Walmart.


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  1. You make your own Greek yogurt!? That is awesome! Love this stadium! You rock! Turned out so great! And I'll bet it tasted even better! My hat is off to you

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