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I have been in a braid mood lately. They are just so fun and easy to do. Hairspray them and they pretty much stay all day, even if they have a little bit of fall out it still looks cute. Braids are a lifesaver for moms, college students, high school students, pretty much everyone. They are easy to do when your running late in the morning and they are very in and very chic.

Today I am going to show you a cute double braid. I love this for days I work, or days I know I will be busy with Aria.

Supplies Needed:
easy double braid tutorial
First you are going to do a simple small braid. Tie it off with an elastic.
easy double braid tutorial
Next your going to do a larger braid further back from where you did your small braid. Tie it off with an elastic and loosen the braid by tugging on the sides.
easy double braid tutorial
Incorperating the larger braid do a simple side braid. You will need to pin down fly away hairs with bobby pins, or hairspray or both.
easy double braid tutorial
Tie off braid with elastic. Pull and tug to loosen up the braid. I went back and loosened my first braid but it looks cute either way.
easy double braid tutorial

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