Hey Babes,

Aria.. my little spit fire. We arrived at the Cents of Style wall and she saw some girls doing a photo shoot, so she wanted a photo shoot. So we obliged. She wanted to walk up and down all the different colors. She loved the yellow wall. The wall that was being occupied of course so she had a few little melt downs until we got the wall to ourselves.

When dressing Aria for Valentines Day, I take into an account of where we will be. Since we will probably be out for pizza I want her to look cute, warm, and festive. This coat was a great find at Sam’s Club. They have some pretty cute things for kids, a lot of Carter’s clothing etc. She know has this coat in white, pink and black. For $10 who could go wrong.

I made this cute red bow using this pattern. I love making bows for her. It is kind of an addiction. I then added these adorable riding boots. I got these on a super sale last year from the Children’s Place. She is just so cute I cannot stand it.




Outfit Details
Bow: Made by me (pattern here)
Coat: Sam’s Club


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