Hey Babes,

After having Aria I lost so much hair. I used to have such thick long hair. I lost nearly half after nursing. It has been a bear to grow my hair back. I can’t justify the cost of extensions. They take a lot of time, and they cost of a lot of money. Don’t get me wrong if I had the time and money to do it I totally would.

How to naturally grow your hair


I tried biotin and it was not working for me. Someone suggested taking Collagen supplements and that was the game changer. I have so many new baby hairs growing after two weeks of taking Collagen. I also found “Grow it Girl” that has been helping aid in growing out my hair. This is the perfect combo for you girls looking to grow long hair naturally.

grow your hair out

Grow it Girl

I love rose scented products. If you don’t the Grow it Girl will take some getting used to. The fresh clean smell is enjoyable, but if that is not your scent power through it because this stuff has been amazing for my hair.

naturally grow your hair

How to use

I spray my hair down after the shower and blow dry my hair. Reapplying it each morning to my roots. Let the spray set in and do it’s job.

Collagen pills are quite large and the recommended does is 6 a day. It works best taking them on an empty stomach. I can see lots of new hairs growing in and my hair is finally starting to grow thicker. It isn’t anywhere near what it used to be but it is progressing.

When started supplements of sprays you have to remember it takes a little bit for it to work. It wont be a magical product that works over night. Give it time, stay faithful to your routines.

One last tip, encourage follicle growth by messaging your scalp and conditioning your ends. This will help stimulate growth and avoid breakage.

These two products are the perfect pair! What are you favorite products for hair growth?

If you want to try Grow it Girl for yourself check out my giveaway on Instagram. You can win one for yourself to try!

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