How to manage your time

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As a working, blogging, mom I have to manage my time wisely. I have to separate my roles. When I am at work I work, when I am at home I am mom. So time management is key for our sanity and how to function as a family.

When I am at home with Aria I try to commit and devote myself to her. I put my phone in another room so I stay off my blog and social media. This keeps me from working when I should be playing with Aria. Here are things we like to do together.

How to manage your time

When Aria sleeps it’s blog time. Nap time or bed time is when I do that job. This keeps me focused in my work. Sometimes I will wake up early do to this if I have a due date coming up.

How to manage your time:





I try to plan my day the night before. I pick three things I need to get done. I then schedule when I need to do them and how I will get them done. This helps me from getting distracted from things that sidetrack me. I try to multi task sometimes so this keeps me from getting to overwhelmed. Often I wake up early or stay up late to do house work that way I don’t need to add these to my plans. That way I can get more blogging done or squeeze in a work out during nap time. Download my daily planner here. I laminate mine so I can use it multiple times.

How to manage time



After I plan I then prioritize. I list my priorities from 1-3, 3 being the least important. It helps me to focus on the important thing and accomplishing that task then moving on to the next. If I run out of time I then know I need to sacrifice something on my list. Or if an emergency comes up I hopefully have my most important task accomplished.

How to manage your time


Commit what you need to do. Don’t take on anything extra unless you sacrifice a task. Committing to your tasks helps you from distractions, and procrastinating. I was a  huge procrastinator until I set this plan in motion. Committing is important because it will help you accomplish the tasks.

How to manage your time

This is how I have been able to balance my part time work, full time blogging, and being a mom all at once. You have to take some time away from all this to stay sane. Have your husband take the kids to a movie so you can have a few hours of you time. Go out with the girls after kids are in bed, make some time for your self that isn’t work or mom related. You also need a day ( I use Sunday) to just enjoy your family. This will keep you all on a functioning schedule.

How to manage your time


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  1. I specially love the ‘commit’ part. I think it is definitely key. I need to get better at leaving my phone somewhere else when I’m with the girls.

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