Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

Hey Babes,

Easter is such a fun with kids. Easter egg hunts, Easter baskets and really cute Easter outfits. I have some easy Easter Basket ideas for your toddlers.

I know there are so many different budgets for Easter. It is okay to have a really low to nonexistent budget for Easter baskets. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to give your little one a cute and fun basket. Places like the dollar store, Target, Walmart and Costco all have such inexpensive items you can incorporate.

You can change up the items to suit your toddler’s gender. Target had so many color options so instead of a pink net, you can get a blue or red net for your little guy. Amazon has some really great inexpensive items you can add to your basket.

$10 and Below Basket:

I found all these items at Target. Between the dollar section and the Easter section. They are such cute items and they offer so many options for girls and boys.

$10 Easter Basket for toddlers

Inside the basket:

So with tax and everything this basket came to like $9. Such an affordable and fun basket. Kids love to dig in the dirt, chase bugs and blow bubbles.

$15 Basket

This basket is the basket above with some added candy. Candy is not something we keep around the house so when a holiday comes around Aria loves to get a few little small pieces of candy. She loves peanut butter and chocolate so of course, we added Reese’s


Inside this Basket:

This all came to close to $15.

$20+ Basket Idea

Inside this Basket:

  • Kite ($4)
  • Playdoh ($3)
  • Castle felt book ($2)
  • Flower Pot ($3)
  • Sidewalk Chalk ($1) (similar)
  • Butterfly Net ($5) (similar)
  • Garden Tools ($3) (similar)
  • Bubbles ($1) (similar)
  • Fox cup ($4)
  • optional: candy or movies

Easter basket ideas


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