Dino-Roar: Girls Dinosaur Dress by Mitz Accessories

Hey Babes,

I have always loved dinosaurs. Growing up there were only dinosaur clothes for boys and I could never find dinosaur clothes for me. There was never anything cute and girly with dinosaurs on it, but never could find anything. Now days you can find so many cute girly dinosaur anything.

Aria now has a love for “dinoroars”. Her first birthday (here) was even dinosaur themed.

I was browsing Instagram one night looking for toddler dresses for Aria and I came across Mitz Accessories. Their gender equality pieces are amazing, and I love the clothes. I am not going to claim this is a budget friendly place because for most it’s not. This dress was about $40. I know they are on sale right now for $28. So not terrible but I know some of you momma’s have told me you don’t spend more than $15 on kids clothes and I am usually with ya but I couldn’t help it with this dress.

The Dress

This dress is so cute with little triangles and dinosaurs all over it. The fabric is nice and durable so it’s not cheaply made. Along the back there are dinosaur spikes. This is what really sold me on this dress. They also have a cute little tee shirt like this and it is just incredibly adorable. Mitz has so many cute pieces you have to check them out if you have a daughter that likes “boy things” pft.

The Shoes

I paired this cute dress with Aria’s favorite shoes at the moment. Her gladiator  sandals or as she calls them “warrior shoes”.  They have been a necessity lately she only wants to wear them, they were inexpensive and they look so cute with this dress.

Go check out their site and let me know what pieces you fell in love with.

Girls Dinosaur Dress Girls Dinosaur Dress Girls Dinosaur Dress Girls Dinosaur Dress Girls Dinosaur Dress Girls Dinosaur Dress Girls Dinosaur Dress

Outfit Details:

Dress: Mitz Accessories | Shoes: Old Navy | Bow: Home made

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