How to get feeling better (moms and kids)

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Hey Babes,

How does one ever get better when your sick? You can’t just sleep it off. You have kids to take care of, cooking cleaning, work, etc. Mom’s don’t get sick days. It can really suck sometimes. What is even worse is when your little is sick as well. Double whammy!

I was sick a month or so ago and it was bad. It was like a cold/flu on steroids. I was sitting in the room while Aria was playing and I was miserable. I hopped onto pinterest to look up ways to get better quickly. Aria was sick at the same time and it is so sad to see your little one struggle.

Most of the advice was your normal drink water and sleep. We all know as moms sleeping all day isn’t really an option. Kids have that option but we don’t.

I grabbed things from around the house and just made my own little remedy and it actually really worked.


Oil Diffuser


Booger Sucker

Zarbees/ Vix

Minky Blanket

Water, water, electrlytes


How to heal

Rest- When I say rest I mean when your kid is playing lay next to them. When they are watching a movie lay down and just take it easy. Make your kids take it easy. Do light activities. Their bodies need to fight of whatever it is they have. I grab my Minky Blanket and a pillow and lay down next to Aria while she plays. Cuddle as often as possible.

Hydrate- You do need to drink a lot of water. I like drinking BCAA’s it has electrolytes and makes your water taste delicious. I make Aria pound the water. The last thing you want is a dehydrated kid.

How to get feeling better

Mucus..get rid of it- Adults can blow their nose, spit etc. Toddlers may or may not have learned how to do that. Get an aspirator for their nose. This has really helped us with Aria. You can see the color of the mucus so you know if you need to take them in and get them on meds. We have the one here, and it is awesome!

Zarbees– We live by this stuff when Aria is sick. It is all natural so it does go bad after 90 days. Aria always get’s better quicker when we use this religiously.

Vix- Vix helps both of us. I use the children’s vix and peppermint oil on her feet and cover them with her socks. This really helps her breathe through all the gunk and open up her sinus. It soothes my chest. Whenever I get a cold it is such a bad chest cold.

Diffuser and Oils- I attribute most of our healing to the oils. The peppermint opens the airways, the clean air oil helps soothe and unclog the areas and the lavender helps everyone relax and sleep.

This gets us through our lovely cold/flu spouts.

How do you get through sickness at your house?

How to get feeling better

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