Dress Code 101

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So, I get asked this question so many times. I also see this question pop up on Facebook and Instagram the most. Women are always wondering what is appropriate to wear to work, what is appropriate to wear to a wedding or court or a funeral. 53% of ┬áthe population don’t know how to dress for work, weddings, or funerals.

dress code 101

Make sure you read over your dress code at work. Look around at what your bosses and colleges are wearing. Normally your dress code with say, business casual, business informal, or casual. Business Casual is the norm for most offices. This means to look nice, like church attire. Invitations also should indicate what type of event. Research the venue. Usually if it is a high scale venue I would dress more formal. If the venue is outside in the mountains I would not wear heels and a gown. Research will help you from making these types of mistakes.

dress code 101

Rule of thumb is the more dressed up you get, the less bold you want patterns and colors. If it is a black tie affair, you should try to keep from a wild animal print gown. Go for classics and sparkles. The more casual you get the more relaxed and fun you can style.

dress code 101

Below I have some fun tips and tricks to keep in mind when styling yourself for work. You don’t have to dress boring, but you do want to be professional.

“Always Dress for the Job you want not the job you have.”


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