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I have a deep deep love for all things Disney. My mom raised us on it. When she needed to clean or a moments peace we would watch Disney movies. I finally got to go to Disneyland when I was like 22 and that place is beyond magical. Being the fashionista Disney lover that I am, I am always shopping for my new Favorite Disney Top.

Earlier this year Lularoe announced they have a 2 year collaboration with Disney. My two favorite things. Yes, some of the prints are about as ugly as you can imagine. The cute prints however are worth the money and the fight.

Lularoe Disney Classic Tee

I saw this top on one of the Lularoe models and I went on a hunt. Lucky for me I have a sister in law that sells Lularoe and had this top come in her shipment.

Too me the prints that are suttle are the cuter prints. I love the polka dots, and the random minnie heads. This would be the cutest top to wear to Disney. There are so many cute Disney options from Lularoe.

I will link you to my favorite consultants here,  here, and here.

You can check out how I style Lularoe here and here.

Lularoe Disney Classic Tee

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