Hey Babes,

I hope if you are off today you enjoy the time relaxing with your family!

We are taking it easy and enjoying a family BBQ. My favorite things about a day off.

I have scoured the internet and pulled my connections with businesses to get you some amazing Labor Day deals. I am including everything. Clothes, Home Decor, Kid stuff etc. Labor Day is a great time to stock up on items that are on sale.

Labor Day Sales

Women’s Clothing

This is the perfect time to snag items that on from summer and on clearance for next year. Bathing suits, tee’s, jeans, sandals. Most places are clearing out space for fall and winter clothing. Other places like to draw you in by putting their fall and winter stuff on sale as well so stock up on items that are bogo, or 50% off. Things that you will need and use. Items that survive through “trends”.


Women’s Shoes

There are so many shoe sales going on right now. Boots, Booties, Sandals, etc. I love stocking up on sandals for next year and grabbing a few pairs of booties for this year.


Kids Clothing

Kids go through clothing so fast! I love Old Navy for their sales, they usually have tee’s and tops for under $5.


Other places with great sales are: Carter’s, Osh Kosh, The Children’s Place, Gymboree.

Home Decor



Don’t hurt me for saying this, but this is the perfect time to shop for Christmas presents. Things are on sale and some are pretty cheap today. I try to get my Christmas shopping done ┬ábefore Thanksgiving. That way we can enjoy the holidays with our family.



I hope these help aid in your Labor Day shopping adventures. Look for online coupons and discount codes! Places like RetailMeNot have some really good ones. Double check coupon codes for restrictions on holiday sales.

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