A simple, easy, inexpensive hygiene kit for you families go bag. 

Hygiene Kit

Hey Babes,

In the wake of all of the hurricanes and earthquakes I realized I needed to prepare my family for a natural disaster.

I was really awakened to preparing when a friend in Houston talked about being stranded in her own house. The roads were shut down, the power was out and they had no way of going out and getting food or supplies. Luckily they were somewhat prepared. I never thought of a disaster that way, I never realized things could technically be okay in your home, but you are just unable to get to a store for food or water. Water is always the first thing to sell out, so please if anything else stock up and continue to replenish your water supply.

Anyway, getting on to the point. I wanted our hygiene kits to be just the essentials. If we have to grab our bags and go, we don’t want to be weighed down. This bag is an emergency 72 hour kit so it needs to be light and ready for us to grab and go without hesitation.

His and Hers Hygiene Kits

Brandon and my kit are the same. We tried to keep things simple but wanted to cover the essentials.

  • Oral Care: Toothbrushes, mouth wash, floss (forgot to photograph), and toothpaste. They are all travel size and can easily fit in the gallon zip loc I have for our kits. You can use pre-made kits but some of those can be bulky and they aren’t water resistant. If a flood occurs most of your stuff is ruined. I bought my mouth wash and toothpaste at target in the travel section. We get a new toothbrush every six months at our dental appointments, so I just stashed one away for my kit. You will want these things in an emergency.

Hygiene Kit

  • Cleanliness: Shampoo/Conditioner, soap and cotton swabs the bathing essentials. Again these things will only be used if you have access to water. If you prep you will have plenty of water on hand for showers.  I got most everything from Target. Their travel size section is perfect for go bag prep.

Hygiene Kit

  • Comb and Deodorant: You can go for full size on this but I really want my bags to be light and easy to carry if we need to walk. I got a huge pack of these travel combs for like $6. Keeping things inexpensive is crucial in prepping your hygiene kits. They will need to be rotated out as most of these things expire. Cheap means your not out a lot of money if you forget and your items expire. I would suggest to check everything every six months, but sometimes time slips away.

Hygiene Kit

  • Wipes and hand sanitizer: You will want to keep clean and sanitized for your well being and for your sanity. They also can double for first aid gear.

Hygiene Kit

  • Razor and Laundry Detergent: Hair doesn’t stop growing so you will need a razor to maintain that. Arm pit, leg…eww. I know your probably not thinking about arm pit hair in an emergency but a razor can come in handy for other things. Laundry detergent is a way to expand your wardrobe in an emergency. If you have a clean pair of clothing in your go back you can wear it while you clean the clothes you had to leave in. Again, you can survive in dirty clothes but it’s an option for you!

Hygiene Kit

Kids Hygiene Kit

Aria’s kit is pretty close to ours. Of course she doesn’t need a razor, but she does need bathing and cleaning essentials. If you  have to evacuate and you leave with only the bags on your back you want to make their bags a little fun. Something that can excite them and occupy them in a time of loss.

  • Character Shampoo and Conditioner: kids love character anything, this makes things fun and it’s something to look at and play with if they get bored.
  • Wipes: Kids are messy and you will most definitely need wipes of their own.
  • Character Soap: We found Elsa soap for Aria. Try to avoid fruity scented soaps if you can. If you have to camp out that will attract bugs. Neutral scents are best.
  • Deodorant: Aria doesn’t necessarily need it but deodorant aids in helping soothe bug bites. The aluminum salts help with itching and swelling. It also helps prevent blisters. Multi use is key in go bag kits.
  • Cotton Swabs/Comb: No need to explain these. Kids are messy you will need to have these items to clean their ears and comb there hair..pretty self explanatory.
  • Character Toothbrush/ Toothpaste/ Floss/ Mouth Wash: Having a character toothbrush also gives them some excitement. Something to play with and look forward to. It’s the small things in life.

Keep things simple, keep it cheap and keep it light. This will help make a very useful go bag!

What would you include in your Go Bag hygiene kits?


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