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Shopping is so stressful. I am thankfully all done with my shopping. Come Black Friday watch your prices! Sometimes the deal seems great but study prices and make sure that was the original price. Prices get inflated to make it appear you are getting a great deal when in fact your not.

I love shopping Target. They often have gift card deals where if you spend a certain amount or buy certain products you get a gift card. This helps aid in shopping for pricey gifts for the family.

In our house we don’t do a set number of gifts, but we try to keep the grand total for everyone under $300. That will get tough as Aria gets older. I love how some families do a want, a need something to wear, something to read, something to watch and something to eat.

Toddler Girl Gift Ideas

I just finished Aria’s shopping and I tell you shopping before the holiday craze will really save you money. This tea cart listed below I was able to buy right after Christmas last year for $30. You get amazing deals right after Christmas, so haunt those sales. I was also able to get Arias Kitchen last year at an amazing price the Jan prior.


gifts for toddler girls

Tea Cart | Oh no, George!| LOL Surprise | Legos | The Book with No Pictures | Hatchimal Twins | Cars Set | Map Puzzle | Hatchimal mini’s | Playdoh

Toddler Boy Gifts

Little boys love to shoot things and build things. Nerf guns, spider man, cars your set. When I was little I actually had a Dr Evil set much like the one listed below. I love nerf guns for kids as well.


Toddler Boys Gifts

Spider Man | Nerf Gun | Ball Pit | Race Track | Lighting McQueen | Cars Duplo | Legos | Science Lab

Gift Ideas for Mom

Women are easy to shop for. Well at least I think they are. Clothes, shoes, beauty products and candles. I know there is a rule of not giving appliances as gifts but I think that is a dumb rule.

Women love movies and music. Dvd’s and an Amazon Echo would be great gifts. I often have music streaming when I am running around chasing Aria. I would love to own something like this for myself.

Gift Ideas for Mom's/ Wives

Mud mask | Amazon Echo | Lotion Set | Sunglasses | Movie | Mixer | Candle | Sweater | Booties

Gifts Ideas for Dad

Guys love tools, they love games and I think decanters are another awesome gift. Even if your not a drinker or a host I think they make a cool decor item.

We love Call of Duty at our house and we love to play it over the Christmas Break. My Husband, my dad and I get together for marathons and eat pizza. It’s a great memory to have and a fun game to play.

Gift Ideas for Dad/Husband

Speaker | Game | Decanter Set | Controller| T Shirt | Head Phones | Glasses | Tools

I hope this helps in your Christmas Shopping! Would you want me to do an Amazon Gift Guide? Message me or comment below.



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