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Content Planning

Good Morning Gorgeous,

In a Facebook post a few months ago I asked you what you wanted to see. A lot of you replied with behind the scenes and what it’s really like to be a blogger. This post is for you guys, as well as you bloggers looking to save time and get organized.

Let’s get started.

Planning Content

Daily Tasks:
  • Engage: Engaging is huge in blogging. You need to give to get essentially. Comment on other bloggers posts, reply to your reader’s comments. When I say reply I don’t mean thank you, of thanks. Answer their questions, get to know them. Post polls, sneak peaks and behind the scenes let them into your life.
  • Draft Blog Posts: Plan and draft blog posts so all you need to do is add photos. Blog while you are inspired so bulk blog. I know when my brain is running hot I need to get these ideas out on paper.
  • Study and take advantage of hot topics: Know what is trending and what is popular. For example, the blue or gold and white dress was a hot topic if you use this on your Facebook page getting people to comment with their opinions. This helps your engagement as well as getting to know your readers. It encourages them to engage. Try to shy away from controversial topics that can get away from you really quick.
  • Pin: Pinterest is where all the traffic is. So many readers find blogs that way, me included. Pin every day.

Content Planning

Weekly Tasks:
  • Reuse Old: If you are at a block reuse old content, update it. Do weekly roundups of your posts or posts you have read and liked.
  • Newsletters: I have not taken advantage of the newsletter yet, after doing a lot of research I cannot wait to start using this feature. Newsletters once a week can prep readers on what you will be posting that week, give them a sneak peek or special discount exclusive to them.
  • Consistency: Post on time, on schedule. Let readers know you are there and constantly creating content.
Monthly Tasks:
  • Plan ahead: Plan content for the month, contact or reply to sponsors. Reach out to other bloggers for collabs. I know a lot of bloggers only collab with people that have more followers then they do, my friends you are missing out if you only do that. Smaller following bloggers have a closer relationship to their readers. They know their brand and they have a lot to offer. Find bloggers that are in same niches as well as expanding to others. Food bloggers and Fashion bloggers can create a really cool collaboration that can expand their audience. What to wear to parties and how to plan for one, or a how to host a girls night out. Take advantage of every corner of the internet.
  • Create a Schedule: I used to post daily, but after having Aria I could not keep up. I scaled back to three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Those days had the highest engagement anyway and it just worked out. If I have any extra content, or sponsored I could fit them into the days between.
  • Choose a planning method: Phone, Calendar, Planner, Computers…whatever works for you. I use an idea notebook, a planner for blog content, and a planner for social media content. The human mind needs to see things 3 times in 3 different ways to remember or go through with something. I write, type it and read it. I love my In the Leafy Treetops planner. They have LDS based planners, and non-denominational Mom on the Go Planners (the one I am using). It is the perfect social media planner. Win one for yourself below!
  • Schedule Monthly Posts: Create roundups, monthly favorites, goals. This way you always have 2-3 ideas for each month already set. This helps significantly with inspiration blocks.

Content Planning

Plan Plan Plan

  • Plan in advance for Holidays to give readers a chance to shop/create.
  • Schedule out sponsor or collabs as soon as possible.
  • Build on well-performing posts. Take advantage of them
  • Browse Pinterest for inspiration, but please please please do not copy. You can figure out a way to make this idea better, budget-friendly, whatever but do not plagiarize. Nothing is more irritating than being copied. I’ve been a victim of it before and it is not a form of flattery.
  • Plan according to the month: January would be organization, resolutions etc.


Monthly Content Ideas:

January: How to get organized, budgeting posts, cleaning, reorganizing a room.

February: Valentine’s day posts, Gift ideas, DIY’s, Date Ideas, Crafts.

March: St. Patrick’s Day Decor, Green anything, Fashion Ideas, Easter (if it’s in March), Spring Cleaning, Anything St Patrick’s Day.

April: Easter, Egg decorating ideas, Spring outfits, Floral crafts/fashion/decor, Spring Cleaning, April Fools Day pranks.

Content Planning

May: Spring Cleaning, Organizing, Prepping for summer, Porch Makeovers, Yard plans, Memorial Day posts, and for me a Birthday post or two.

June: Landscaping, Summer bucket list, Swimsuits, Deals, Travel tips.

July: Fourth of July posts, BBQ Plans, Party Plans, DIY, Recipes.

August: Camping, Swimsuits, Beach Bags, Beach Gear, Decor.

September: Fall Prep, Fall Decor, Fall Must haves.

October: Halloween posts, Soup Recipes, Costume Ideas, Decor Ideas, DIY.

Content Planning

November: Thanksgiving, Food, Tablescapes, Decor, Recipes, Gift Guides for Christmas.

December: Gift Guides, Pajama Posts, Party Posts, Movies, Music, Books, Decor, DIY, Stocking Stuffers, Winter Survival, Skin Regimes.

Content Planning


Take advantage of apps, they can and will help. Use the internet for ideas like National Calendar of events. You can plan for national donut day, things like that. I have not yet taken advantage of scheduling apps, or blogging apps, I am a very manual person, but I hear a lot of bloggers love the Coschedule app, Askfm for polls and engagement.

I hope all of these tips have given you insight on what goes into blogging and how these tips can help you as a blogger.

Create A Year of Content

What are some tips you have for creating and scheduling content?

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