Good Morning Ladies,

My family has always celebrated every holiday possible. We love holidays, we love spending holidays together and that’s a tradition I plan to pass down to Aria. We usually keep the smaller holidays pretty simple. Under $20 sometimes under $10 usually.

The women in your life are really simple to shop for. We love good smelling lotions or candles, gorgeous flowers, or just a simple card and chocolate. You really don’t have to go all out.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas under $20

Candle | Lotion | Bracelet | Face Mask | Body Spray | Candy


Candles are always a great gift and Bath and Body works always has some really yummy smelling candles on sale. You can find them under $15.00.

Target also has some really amazing candle for under $12. Women love to light candles and take a bubble bath. I love lighting a candle just before bedtime as I take off my makeup and relax for the night. These are perfect gifts for any woman in your life.


I have loved lotion since I exited the womb. With my dry skin and eczema, I always have lotion on my nightstand, in my car, and by my shower.

There are so many brands that I love. I really love Bath and Body Works because they are cruelty-free and smell delicious. You can buy them in sets of lotion, body spray and body wash or just buy a lotion.

If you are really on a budget buy a travel size and a candy bar or protein bar. Simple but a thoughtful gift.


Now jewelry doesn’t have to come from a private jeweler. It can be from places like Charming Charlie. I love their budget-friendly jewelry that is perfect for this time of the year. One year Brandon got me a really cute bracelet from there that said love in cursive. It was touching and I loved it. When shopping for jewelry for someone you love,¬†think about their style and taste, but also find something meaningful. If they have a thing for owls and you come upon an owl necklace or a dragonfly. Things like that are simple but thoughtful.

Face Masks/Sheet Masks

Oh, sheet masks my second love. They not only help your skin, but they are so relaxing. I love sitting in a bubble bath, candles lit with a sheet mask on. Giving this special lady a much-needed spa time at home would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Mom’s love a timeout, a little time to relax without any noise.

Body Spray/Perfume

Like I said before women love things that smell good. Perfume, body spray, lotions, and candles. The Body shop has some really clean smelling body sprays, as well as Bath and Body Works. Not only is it a gift for her it is a gift for you. Who doesn’t like snuggling up to someone who smells incredible?


If you are really trying to save money candy, chocolate or a thoughtful homemade card is perfect for this holiday. Re-write your vows, write them a poem you liked, or song lyrics to a song that reminds you of them. Simple and thoughtful¬†little gifts are always the best. Please don’t think you have to buy these big expensive gifts for holidays you really don’t.

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