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Winter sucks, I hate it. I hate the snow, the cold I just hate it. Being indoors during this time of year makes me happy.

My Go to Winter to Spring Outfit

When I am in with the little one, we are comfortable and we drink a lot of hot chocolate. I like wearing jeans and an oversized sweater. That is pretty much my outfit for the season. Why? Because it is comfortable. I love the jeans I get from American Eagle. They are a jegging but thick like a denim jean. I would take these over leggings any day. They are warmer and I think jeans look better.

comfortable outfit

Oversized sweaters are the epitome of a momiform. The loose fit gives you whatever freedom you want underneath. If you aren’t feeling like wearing a bra that don’t have to. We all have fat days, oversized sweaters are a great cure for that. You get so much out this outfit in the winter and in Utah’s early Spring. That is why it is my favorite. When it’s snowing I throw on boots and a coat, when the weather is nice I can throw on flats and a hat.

comfortable outfit

5 Things I do to stay sane during the transition

  1. Watch Movies: This one is a given. Everyone does it. Aria and I love to cuddle on the heater, drink hot chocolate, and watch movies. Currently, we are loving Hercules and will probably be watching it every day for a while. Where I live it snows through the Spring most years. comfortable outfit
  2. Eat Soup and Rolls: I hate being cold and if I am not drinking hot chocolate I will be eating a warm bowl of soup with homemade rolls. I actually made a really delicious creamy potato soup Friday night that was absolutely amazing. There is just something about fresh homemade rolls that really help. Here are some of my favorite recipes {HERE}.comfortable outfit
  3. Netflix Roulette: Brandon and I watch a lot of Netflix. When you are on a budget and you’re a parent going out all the time isn’t a possibility. We are both homebodies anyway. When we can’t figure out what to watch we just scroll really fast and land on a tv show to start watching. That is how we first came across Breaking Bad and fell in love with that show.comfortable outfit
  4. Craft: Crafting keeps me focused on what is going on in front of me not what is going on outside. It is something for Aria and me to do together and bond. She will paint pictures or paint my arm while I paint a decor piece. You can find some really amazing crafts on my Pinterest board {HERE}.comfortable outfit
  5. Clean: Ya this sounds crazy but I do like to clean. My house is always a work in progress for me. I want to organize and reorganize. I vacuum three times a week and I have a schedule I like to stick to. Again cleaning helps me destress, and helps my home look it’s best.
  6. Write: I love to draft blog posts by writing them first in my notebooks. This is the perfect time to brainstorm, or content plan if you’re a blogger.

I would love to know what things you do during the Winter to Spring transition. Comment below!

How to Survive the spring to winter transition


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