Good Morning Ladies,

I get asked often how I shop. What do I buy, how do I buy items on a budget?

Honestly, I shop around and look at items on sale first. Before I buy anything I take inventory of what I have. Will it work with what I have? If it doesn’t I try to find a budget-friendly option to match with it or I just forgo the piece altogether. If I can live without it I do.

Some of my favorite shops are listed on my homepage, but I will make a post all about my favorite budget-friendly shops in the next coming weeks.

I love to shop online. If I know my sizing with the company I will shop online as much as I can. Usually, I have a million tabs open on my computer and I browse every store on my budget.

Shopping in the store is a rare thing for me. I do take Aria on shopping spree’s but it is hard to keep her entertained while I try on clothes. Shop in store during the week. That is when the prices are the cheapest unless there is a special weekend sale. Even then sometimes they raise the prices to “cut” them for the sale. Shop around for deals!

Make sure you really love the item you are purchasing, and always check the return policy. Always!

Now on to the fun stuff things I am currently buying. I have a few different carts open at this moment. Some things I am repurchasing and some I am purchasing for the first time. I cannot wait to share these items with you!

What's in My Shopping Cart

Cover fx Concealer | Cover fx Foundation | Kids Jacket | Kids Sandal | Animal Print Booties | Rose Gold and Pink Sneakers | Denim Jacket | Yellow and Black Sweater | Jeans | Mermaid Doll | Floral Top

Cover FX Concealer

I have gone too long without this product. Lately, I have only been buying foundation and my dark circles peer through it. This concealer is amazing and looks flawless on the skin. A cruelty-free option that is amazing.

Cover FX Foundation

I kept changing up foundations, but I always come back to this one. My skin is incredibly dry and this makes me look dewy and fresh. It is really thick so apply it with a beauty sponge and blend the crap out of it.

Kids Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are a staple in every closet. I love how they look with dresses for spring. I found this one browsing for a jacket for myself. You can do a cute mommy and me denim jacket look with this jacket and the one I listed for women.

Kids Gladiator Sandals

These are perfect for your little girls if you are going to the zoo, or going out to play. I have always had a cute pair of sandals for Aria every year and it kept her cool and chic.

Animal Print Booties

I have always wanted a cute pair of animal print booties. They look so cute with jeans and a sweater, or jeans and a white tee and wide-brimmed hat.


These sneakers look so comfortable and would adorable with just about anything. Perfect for the mom on the run. I keep talking myself in and out of getting these shoes.

Women’s Denim Jacket

I have been looking for a jacket like this for two years now. I couldn’t find one with the right fabric or the right cut. This one looks just about perfect.

Yellow and Black Sweater

This sweater is so inexpensive and so cute! Perfect with a pair of jeans and booties or black sneakers. I love how soft this sweater looks and price is a steal!


These jeans are so amazing, I am obsessed with the hem of the jean and the wash of color. I wish they were a little cheaper, but they are so cute!

Mermaid Doll

This is the perfect doll to go along with Aria’s new bedding. I cannot wait to show you her new bed and some additions we made to her room.

Floral Top

This is the perfect spring top. It is light, airy and floral is always perfect with denim and some cute sandals. You can even pair it with the cute new denim jacket!

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