Why I blog:
A few years ago I was in my closet, frustrated and upset that I couldn’t remember that amazing outfit I wore a while back that I got so many compliments on. I had a friend that had the same issue and she started to document her outfits on Pinterest. I started doing the same, but I wanted to reach more women like me. On a budget, modest, and simple but elegant. The bloggers  I was following at the time had all gone viral, they went from budget to designer over night. I had a hard time finding bloggers like me. I decided it was time to show others like me you can be chic on the cheap. I re use what I have, I don’t too often shop for new clothes, and I keep my c/o pieces to a minimum. I want to stay a budget friendly blog for all you gorgeous budget friendly women.
Yours Truly
I am a 28 year old Utah native. I work as a Dental Assistant, and a mom. I have an adorable toddler and a wonderful husband who takes all my photos. We dated on and off for 5 years before taking the plunge. We have been married now for 6 years, and I can honestly say I married my best friend.
Why Nightchayde?
Back in high school I was in fashion design. For a project we had to come up with a brand name for our lines. While finishing my project I was watching Nightmare Before Christmas. I noticed the deadly nightshade jar, and fell in love with the name. I wanted to change up the spelling a bit and came up with Nightchayde. My blogs original name was Caylisue and old nickname, but I hated it. That is when I changed it to Nightchayde. I love it.