Giddy up!! graphic

Giddy up!!

So I found these leggings from another blogger, and I purchased them right after I saw them. They are so cute. Plus I had a 20% off code so I got them even cheaper 🙂 yay. I love the equestrian look that is becoming more and more popular. I love the riding boots ant the […]

Makeup baby graphic

Makeup baby

So I have not been feeling well, on top of that my hubby has been out of town so there has been no one to take pics of my outfits. So I have been MIA lately. So I decided to do something else. So I love makeup. I don’t have a whole lot of time […]

Utah vs. Byu game graphic

Utah vs. Byu game

Well not only was last night filled with small heart attacks, I have no nails or lips left from the intense close game. What a game it was!!! Both teams played well. Both had stupid penalties, but man what a game!!! Utah won, Byu almost had us because our nincompoop fans decided they wanted to […]

Ombre and gold graphic

Ombre and gold

AHHHH today is the game. I am not in my game gear yet but I will soon. And there will be pictures. Kick off is in 5 hours and there will be a lot of people at our place. We have had to move the venue out back. Let’s hope it is a good turn […]

Mean Green Grinning Machine graphic

Mean Green Grinning Machine

So today was nice. I got to spend most of the day with my nephew. He was kind of bad today, but he was very tired and needed a nap. We all get like that right. I got an early anniversary present from my hubby. It is called Glossybox. And I am super stoked. It […]

Polka dots and Red graphic

Polka dots and Red

Man do I love polka dots. I don’t have nearly enough polka dots. My sister and I talk about all the time, how we should have been born in the 50’s. I love the music, clothes, styles of that era. I would die to wear cute poofy sundresses everyday :). The cars, the parties, the […]

Skulls and Bling graphic

Skulls and Bling

Today is a much much better day. No migraines today yahoo!! I am so anxious about the upcoming Byu vs. Utah game. The BYU fans on my facebook are running their mouths again and they did this last year and they all got pretty quiet after the UTES dominating them 54-10. But it was last […]

hippie and headaches graphic

hippie and headaches

So it has been one of those days. I got to work as they were reading the names and I was very emotional with it. I have been so emotional lately I have no idea what is wrong with me. ( NO I AM NOT PREGO). I have been having migraines lately as well and […]

Red Skinny Jeans graphic

Red Skinny Jeans

So I love my red skinny jeans I just have trouble matching what I like with it. So I spent some time trying to find this outfit. The vest is pretty busy and the jeans are quite loud so I didn’t have a lot of jewelry. I wanted to keep it simple since the outfit […]

Utah Game and faux leather graphic

Utah Game and faux leather

So it is game day again. The Utes face the Aggies.  If you don’t know what a Ute is I shall tell you. Here in Utah there were three territories compromised of five tribes. Northern Utah was Shoshone and Bannock, Central Utah was compromised of the Ute and Goshute, and Southern Utah was compromised of […]