Plum Skinny Jeans and Skulls graphic

Plum Skinny Jeans and Skulls

I went to see Jack Reacher with the hubby and my parents today. It was a freaking amazing movie! So if you have time I would go see it! I am really sad this is the last day of the Christmas break! I loved being with the hubby all week and just seeing the family […]

Blouses and Leggings graphic

Blouses and Leggings

Happy New Years Eve! We dont get to crazy here in Utah, so I think it’s a usual thing for families to just do game nights and snack. That’s what we do and it is a ton of fun! Plus we crock pot those little cocktail weiners in bbq sauce all day and it tastes […]

Mustard and Denim graphic

Mustard and Denim

Happy sunday!!! OK so I have to be honest. I would have never put these two together in a million years. But I was at the  theatres the other day and I saw a girl who had something similar to this and I thought it looked adorable. So I tried my hand at it and […]

Tunics and Leggings graphic

Tunics and Leggings

  I have been loving my leggings my sister bought me. When it is warm enough I want to show you the embellishment on the ankles. It is so cute and so me I love it! I love this outfit, I actually saw my sister wearing something like this and I thought I would try […]

It started with a whisper…. graphic

It started with a whisper….

So I have been obsessed with the song “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees. Not only is it a fantastic song, but the band is from Utah…or started in Utah…something about Utah. But its an awesome song. I know it has been around for a while, but I like to enjoy things after everybody else has […]

Snowed in…and I don’t mean to brag. graphic

Snowed in…and I don’t mean to brag.

Well Utah has been hit hard with snow. I absolutely hate the snow…but I have no choice but to avoid it :). We have to have at least a foot or so of snow, and I have outfits that need to be taken pictures of but I can’t convince myself to drag this booty out […]

December Glossybox graphic

December Glossybox

So like you know we have a timeshare we go back in forth from. And I had to make sure to be around to get my Glossybox. Our mail lady is seriously the child of Satan. She yells at you for the smallest things, but yet she always gives our mail to the people down […]

Our Christmas tree graphic

Our Christmas tree

So we have such a special Christmas tree! My grandma made this. She is so amazingly talented and this tree is so gorgeous. It’s my favorite thing about Christmas. We have this up every year and we put all the friends and neighbors Christmas gifts around it. What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations? […]

I forgot about Glossybox!! graphic

I forgot about Glossybox!!

I forgot to post Novembers Glossybox. I loved this months box. I did not like the nail tattoo things I got though. They did not work at all. This highly pigmented creamy pencil allows for easy blending with a long-wearing hold to create sultry eyes and sensuous lips. It’s medium size tip allows for versatile […]

Park City graphic

Park City

So I am finally in Park City! My favorite place to be. My family owns a timeshare up here and we all come up and spend some time together. It is so beautiful. We are right on Main Street and I enjoy the sites and sounds. Except for when 2 a.m rolls around and all […]