Pink and SkullZ graphic

Pink and SkullZ

So it is almost Halloween, and it is still breast cancer awareness month. So I mixed the two together. And cancer in general not just breast cancer affects us all. There have been so many people in my life that have, or had cancer. A huge influence in my life was diagnosed with breast cancer […]

Vest and boots graphic

Vest and boots

It has been a nice long weekend. Saturday we stayed up late watching an amazing Ute game. If only they had played like this all year long. Our Quarterback decleated a Cal player and it was amazing. If you know football you know how funny that is 🙂 especially from a QB. Our special team […]

Glossybox October :) graphic

Glossybox October :)

So I have loved getting glossybox. This is my second month and I am in love with it. I love this box a little more than the last box. But the spa cleansing water I received last month is amazing on my skin.   So this months glossy box!!! Carol’s Daughter: Shea Souffle A superbly […]

Chevron Stripes graphic

Chevron Stripes

I have been in love with the Chevron stripes lately. I am a little late to the game. At first I thought they were weird looking, and I really was not a fan. But the more I saw it the more I liked it.  And it started to snow in the midst of these pictures. […]

Biker Jacket graphic

Biker Jacket

So I have been MIA lately. A few things have gone on and I needed to let them settle before I spent time on this. But all is good now :). So it started to snow today..eww right. I like snow in the mountains but not down in the valley. I am not a winter […]

Neon and Neutrals graphic

Neon and Neutrals

Mondays really are crappy. I just want it to be the weekend forever..Who doesn’t. Mondays go by fast for me, but I just don’t like them. I didn’t wear any pink today for breast cancer awareness month I couldn’t find anything pink to wear. But life is going good. My little brother comes home on […]

Pink Sweater graphic

Pink Sweater

Well today has been good. Got to sleep in a bit, relaxed, got to scrapbook a little bit :).  Life is good. I love what is on TV during October. I love haunted stories. I love Halloween so much!! It is just a good month!! So the pink for today is the sweater. I hope […]

Riding Pants and Cardigan graphic

Riding Pants and Cardigan

So last night I got to go to Park City with my hubby to Baja Cantina to celebrate our two year anniversary. It was so pretty and so nice. I love the food there! My family has been going to Baja for a million years, my parents own a timeshare up there and I have […]

Pink Bows graphic

Pink Bows

Yay for Thursday!! It is also game day. We play USC…..So fingers crossed we show up and play today…unlike last time with Arizona..that was horrible. So we will see, go UTES! Today was a weird day. Work was full of weirdness…the drive home…it must be a full moon tonight. October is my favorite month. I […]

Flannel and Boots graphic

Flannel and Boots

So holy crap today has been super nutty!! So many car wrecks up by my work, then on the way home so many crazy people not paying attention. Utah drivers are seriously the worst. I don’t understand the stupidity I really don’t. Anyway moving on. I am totally obsessed with boots and I want to […]