Sorry I have been a little MIA graphic

Sorry I have been a little MIA

So it has been a crazy busy week so I have been unable to post anything. I am so sorry. Monday was a crazy day of work, Tuesday I was not feeling well, Wednesday was my Husbands work Christmas party, and Thursday his work put on a premier of The Hobbit so we went to […]

I am totally not sucking up graphic

I am totally not sucking up

So I just want to thank my followers. I really appreciate their input and support. I am really trying this whole blog thing because this is what I am passionate about. I love finding new dorky things to try out and wear. And I really enjoy that other people can give me feedback, and advice..and […]

Work Christmas Parties graphic

Work Christmas Parties

So it is that time of year! Christmas party time. Luckily my work doesn’t do Christmas parties. There are only three of us so it would be more of an awkward stare down. My husband however does have work parties to attend to. I like going to his work parties. They have some pretty awesome […]

My Everyday Makeup graphic

My Everyday Makeup

So I usually have to get ready in a hurry. I wake up about five in the morning every morning for work and I take all the time I can to sleep in :). So I usually give myself about a half hour to get ready. I would post a tutorial on YouTube…but I am […]

Belltto Airbrush Makeup System graphic

Belltto Airbrush Makeup System

So I follow this really awesome blog. I will link you in just a sec. But Belletto Studio gave her a makeup system and she did a tutorial on it. I am jealous and incredibly lusting after this thing. It looks so awesome. There is another airbrush system that I was looking at but this […]

Ways to wear combat boots graphic

Ways to wear combat boots

So Brandon goes out of town quite a lot. He goes to conferences for training or to introduce him to new products. So that is why I sometimes don’t get to do outfit posts 🙂 He is my photographer, and I sure do miss him a ton!! But he gets to enjoy the California weather. […]

Christmas Time graphic

Christmas Time

Well my hubby is out of town yet again and so no outfit pics :(. I really need to get a tripod. But instead let me expose you to my friends awesome blog. She is so crafty and talented its almost not fair! Take a look. Please visit and follow her blog. Sharing is […]

The NuMe 4 Play graphic

The NuMe 4 Play

So I got a NuMe 4play today and I had to try it out. I used the largest barrel tody an I loved it. The heat was high and it heated up quickly. I would highly recommend this product I’ve used it once and I already love it. I paid $86.00 for it and its […]

Being a ginger… graphic

Being a ginger…

So I didn’t really have time today to put together a look..but I figured I would ask for help on something…so I have recently embraced my gingerness. I used to color my hair so much to hide the fact I had red hair. We all know growing up in elementary, Jr. high and high school […]

a blah day… graphic

a blah day…

Well the weather has been semi warm but blah looking. Felt like today was a blah day. I am trying to go back to school. The thought alone scares the crap out of me. I am 24 and going back to school. I should be finishing school not starting over :). But luckily I have […]