hippie and headaches

So it has been one of those days. I got to work as they were reading the names and I was very emotional with it. I have been so emotional lately I have no idea what is wrong with me. ( NO I AM NOT PREGO). I have been having migraines lately as well and […]

12 Sep 2012


Red Skinny Jeans

So I love my red skinny jeans I just have trouble matching what I like with it. So I spent some time trying to find this outfit. The vest is pretty busy and the jeans are quite loud so I didn’t have a lot of jewelry. I wanted to keep it simple since the outfit […]

8 Sep 2012


Utah Game and faux leather

So it is game day again. The Utes face the Aggies.  If you don’t know what a Ute is I shall tell you. Here in Utah there were three territories compromised of five tribes. Northern Utah was Shoshone and Bannock, Central Utah was compromised of the Ute and Goshute, and Southern Utah was compromised of […]

7 Sep 2012


Vesty Shorts

Good evening my friends. I am gonna be honest this is not one of my favorite outfits. It is what I felt like,it was what I was in the mood for at the time. Dress how you want for the mood you are in…otherwise you will be uncomfortable all day and you will be thinking […]

6 Sep 2012


T's and Necklaces

So I am going to be honest..I totally only got ready for the blog. I took it off as soon as I could. It is super hot today and I am soooo not feeling well. I have had two days off I normally work…and I have cabin fever!! And that wears on my body, makes […]

4 Sep 2012



So it is Labor Day and I am not taking a picture of my outfit because I am getting my hari done today and I am being lazy. So I put together a cute outfit I would wear that is not expensive.  Have a lovely Labor Day everyone!!!! http://www.polyvore.com/outfit/set?id=58030775#stream_box

3 Sep 2012


Boots, Buns and Belts

So yesterday was a long day, and I was going for easy and cute. I love, love, love my new boots and I wanted to wear them. It was a little coolish today. Utah weather is so out of wack. We go for days on end with hot hot hot weather and no rain, then […]

2 Sep 2012


Boots and Shirtdresses

Sorry I am a huge fan of shirt dresses and boots especially when its paired with tights and a sweater 🙂 Today we had a yard sale. We are trying to clean out a bunch of junk. We got ride of a lot of stuff, but hauling the rest to the DI is going to […]

1 Sep 2012


Monochromotic Blues

Monochromatic Blues I love keeping it all one color sometimes. Today I felt like wearing blue and baby pink.With my fair complexion you can’t tell it’s pink :).Bytheway the Utes won last night…it was a Royal Spanking 🙂 I watch my nephew on Fridays and thankfully my husband had the day off so I have […]

31 Aug 2012