Spring Cleaning Week 1: Kitchen

Good Morning Ladies, This sounds really weird but I love spring cleaning. Cleaning for me is a stress reliever and once I finally got a good cleaning schedule down, spring cleaning isn’t terribly hard. Tackle one room, one task at a time. For example week one is cleaning the kitchen. Day one is cleaning baseboards, […]

2 Apr 2018


Project Semi Colon

Good Morning Ladies, Project Semi Color is a cause near and dear to my heart. Not because I have an experience myself but my family members have. If you don’t know what Project Semi Colon is let me give you a brief rundown. In the grammatical world, a semicolon is punctuation added where a period could have […]

30 Mar 2018


Free Kitchen Printables: Free Farmhouse Kitchen Prints

Good Morning Ladies, The kitchen is the one place in the house I spend the most. I love it to be clean and I love to have inspiring and cute quotes. With these free printables, I wanted to keep it Farmhouse chic but cute and inspiring. All these printables are completely free, no gimmicks, you […]

26 Mar 2018


Montessori: Rainbow Unit

Good Morning Ladies, This Unit fell on the perfect week for this topic. The week of St. Patricks Day! It was a fun unit to teach Aria. We enjoyed the fun activities. We did an experiment that I did not take photos of. It was off the cuff and I wanted to live in that […]

21 Mar 2018


What’s in my Shopping Cart

Good Morning Ladies, I get asked often how I shop. What do I buy, how do I buy items on a budget? Honestly, I shop around and look at items on sale first. Before I buy anything I take inventory of what I have. Will it work with what I have? If it doesn’t I […]

16 Mar 2018


Montessori Week 3: Hibernation

Good Morning, This week was actually kind of hard for us. Hibernation was hard for me to have 5 days of material to teach. We really only got three days out of this, so we did the cave building exercise twice and watched a youtube video on hibernation. Animals in Winter Sheet (Monday) This was a […]

14 Mar 2018