Hats off!

Good Morning… Moving is the worst. Clothing everywhere you cannot find everything that you need so I apologize you might get some re runs until I get everything together. I apologize but this has been so chaotic. Plus we don’t really have the Internet yet so I am using my parents until we get hooked […]

30 Apr 2013


Come at me Bro!

Good morning!! Ok for those of you who share the faith this story is ingrained to us from birth. But today it brought on a whole new meaning for me. I have always been partial to this story. Because in a way I kind of understand this event going down. For those of you who […]

29 Apr 2013


Moving day!

It is finally here and I cannot believe it! After so much heart break, blood, sweat and tears we found the perfect place! We are so excited. We went and signed last night and omg the amount of paper work. But the process went so fast for Brandon and I. We have the best realtor. […]

26 Apr 2013


Happy 100!

Its my friday yay! After a long friggen week I need some sleep! We actually get to sign today and if anything else happens to stop that you will find me on the news scaling buildings and swatting at planes. I am so happy that 100 of you care about the pointless things I have […]

25 Apr 2013


Add a bit of Sparkle

I have to start saying I have the best hubby. I was sick and ugly last night. He  still thinks I am beautiful even when I look like Quasi Motos twin sister. Who doesn’t like a little bling? I found this skirt on Windsor a while back. I saw a silver one on pinterest that […]

24 Apr 2013


This girl is on fire!

Funny story about the house… we didnt get to sign because they messed up. So maybe thursday 🙁 Ok so I am starting something new today. And I encourage you all every single one of you! I made a pact with my hubby that I will not say one negative thing about myself. I know […]

23 Apr 2013


Last time…

Yay we close on our house today!! So I am joining the heard and I will be doing ombre hair. I think it is so cute and it has stuck around for so dang long. I just am giving in and doing it! So this is the last time you see plain red hair 🙂 […]

22 Apr 2013


Sister Date

Can I just say that I am so lucky to have such a supportive sister. I am so glad that we are so close and we can have the opportunity to do things together. We are missing our other sister in California. But we enjoy the time we can get with her as well. We […]

20 Apr 2013


Blog Swap with Love Me, Dani Marie

Hey girls I am over at Love Me, Dani Marie today. Come check me out! We have swaped blogs for the day. Enjoy! Hello girls! I am so very excited to be posting over at Night Chayde today! Isn’t Cayli just darling!? Her blog is one of my daily reads and I get so excited […]

19 Apr 2013


I’m in love with a Zombie

Good Morning Ladies! Anyone hear of Natasha Kills? Well she sings a song called I’m in love with a zombie and it is actually quite entertaining to listen to. So it sort of inspired my look. To me army green reminds me of zombies or like the Apocalypse. I have no idea why the hamster […]

18 Apr 2013