Bold with a little Navy

It is FRIDAY!! I love my Fridays off. I get to watch my nephew, catch up on cleaning and sometimes sleep in. Not today however. Such is life. :). I finally got my Glossybox! A lot of people are upset with Glossybox right now. The subscribers were kind of put off when the special edition […]

8 Feb 2013


Denim and Pink

It is really hard to get back into the swing of things after the little vaca I was just on. It was sure nice to be away and spend time with Brandon. We got to go to a Jazz game last night and he took me shopping for a dress. I love it I cannot […]

7 Feb 2013


Ulta Nail Haul

Sorry I have been MIA again. We went to Disneyland this past week. It was so much fun. I enjoyed time with my husband and his family. I also got to see my sister and brother in law. And their adorable puppies :). I had so much fun and so sad that it has now […]

5 Feb 2013


Brighten up!

Still in a snowy smog, but hey look on the bright side it could be worse! Today was an odd day to say the least, but who cares it was a day. I have so many hauls to show you I don’t even know where to begin. An Ulta haul, a Lia Sophia haul, a […]

30 Jan 2013


Blazer or Not to Blazer…That is the Question..

Can I just complain a little bit how sick of the snow I am….I know I live in a state that is defined by snow…but come on this is just a little out of hand. Snow in the mountains is perfect…this much in the valley…is a waste. I feel like we will be in snow […]

29 Jan 2013


Just Give Me A Reason

So if you don’t already know my obsession with music, well I am obsessed. I love music, such a great way to channel your feelings. But I am not a huge pink fan but I have a couple songs I love of hers. Lately I am loving “Just Give Me A Reason”. I am actually […]

26 Jan 2013


Comfy Day

So today is just one of those days where you want to be warm and comfy. I hate wearing pajamas all day it makes me feel so…drab. Not judging people who do, but I just don’t like it. Reminds me of being sick. Nobody likes that feeling. So for those of you in Utah yesterdays […]

25 Jan 2013


Running Laps

So I tried running laps to warm myself up for pictures but I am sorry I can’t keep doing these pictures out in the cold. It chills you to the bone! Yesterday my temp gage read -3 degrees. AHHH so cold!! I just cannot wait to complain about how hot the summer is..I would rather […]

24 Jan 2013


Amazing Ulta sales

So Ulta is having some amazing sales right now that I have taken advantage of and will do a haul post or maybe even video???? I am still debating on the video thing. Sometimes I feel like I sound so…manly in videos..do you feel that way as well? Anyway back on topic Ulta sales… Maybelline, […]

21 Jan 2013