So it is Labor Day and I am not taking a picture of my outfit because I am getting my hari done today and I am being lazy. So I put together a cute outfit I would wear that is not expensive.  Have a lovely Labor Day everyone!!!! http://www.polyvore.com/outfit/set?id=58030775#stream_box

3 Sep 2012


Boots, Buns and Belts

So yesterday was a long day, and I was going for easy and cute. I love, love, love my new boots and I wanted to wear them. It was a little coolish today. Utah weather is so out of wack. We go for days on end with hot hot hot weather and no rain, then […]

2 Sep 2012


Boots and Shirtdresses

Sorry I am a huge fan of shirt dresses and boots especially when its paired with tights and a sweater 🙂 Today we had a yard sale. We are trying to clean out a bunch of junk. We got ride of a lot of stuff, but hauling the rest to the DI is going to […]

1 Sep 2012


Monochromotic Blues

Monochromatic Blues I love keeping it all one color sometimes. Today I felt like wearing blue and baby pink.With my fair complexion you can’t tell it’s pink :).Bytheway the Utes won last night…it was a Royal Spanking 🙂 I watch my nephew on Fridays and thankfully my husband had the day off so I have […]

31 Aug 2012



GO UTES!!!! Ok people I am rushing this because it is game day for the Utes.  I am a huge Ute fan. I have been since birth. It’s in my blood. Shirt: Rue21 Pants: Rue21 Belt: Rue21 Boots: Amazon ($34.00!!) Necklace: Rue21 Earrings: Rue21 Hat: Jcpenny Sunglasses: My sole surviving Rue21 glasses I told you […]

30 Aug 2012


Outfit after a hard day of work…

   After a long day at work…loooonnnnggg day might I add. This is my go to outfit, Tshirt, skinny jeans and a scarf!  And of course a top knot I learned from another blogger, whose blog is freaking amazing and she is gorgeous. Visit her blog at www.caraloren.com Not that anyone reads this blog yet […]

28 Aug 2012



So I work full time as a dental assistant. Monday-Thursday I probably will not post outfits. I sure will try but a day running around in scrubs sure takes it out of you. I will try but do not be suprised if it doesn’t happen. Unless you want pictures of scrubs…which is lame, very lame. […]

27 Aug 2012


Sunday outfit

Well getting up this morning was quite hard. All I have wanted to do lately is sleep. We walked around a lot in the heat yesterday. Bleh..I am getting so old!! Skirt: Head Over Heels Shirt: Rue 21 Shoes:Rue 21 Necklace: Rue 21 Earrings: haha I sound like a broken record Rue 21 My sister […]

26 Aug 2012