Easter Outfit Idea #1 graphic

Easter Outfit Idea #1

If your anything like my family Easter is a whole day adventure. Easter egg hunts, BBQ’s and candy. I love watching the little kids run around and gather their eggs. I am so excited for Aria to go egg hunting. Holidays are going to be a little more fun now. Kids always make things more […]

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I don’t know about you guys but I could kiss whoever invented boyfriend jeans, right on the lips. They are seriously the best thing for busy moms. And they don’t look like a “mom jean”. I can be comfortable and do things around the house. I can then slip on a blazer and heels and […]

November Favorites graphic

November Favorites

Where has this month gone? Where has this whole year gone? It is so nutty. So much has happened this year. I am going to miss it. I cannot wait for Aria’s first Christmas!! Now that I have rambled here have been some of my favorites this month. Dew Puff: This is an amazing little […]