Can’t we go back graphic

Can’t we go back

Ugh, can’t we go back to the long weekend! I had so much fun I wish we were all just independently wealthy and could just spend time with those we love and not have a care in the world. So this outfit is something I can see myself going to a lot as the weather […]

Ducks in Trouble graphic

Ducks in Trouble

So the title of the post is an inside joke. I know two of you that read this will for sure get the joke 😉 So I have a scary past with ducks, well birds in general. They do not like me at all! When I was like five I was at a place called […]

Mint and Lace graphic

Mint and Lace

So if you haven’t noticed leopard print is pretty much in almost every post this week. I didn’t really notice that until right now. But it is a love of mine 🙂 How awesome are these pants. They are so comfortable. I love the zipper embellishment, the color, and I love the cream lace with […]

Trouble with the curve graphic

Trouble with the curve

So baseball….ahhh my love. I have been in love with baseball since childbirth. I think I was actually born with a mitt and a bat :). I have always loved the Yankees. Derek Jeeter and A-Rod have been my heroes for so long. My sister and her boyfriend went to New York and got me […]