Sometimes your hair… graphic

Sometimes your hair…

Alright, so not everyday do I get to curl my hair. Work was crazy, baby was needy. So yes the hair got thrown in a mom bun. You just got to make it work sometimes. Whenever I have to go in public in my mom bun I make sure I look somewhat put together. I […]

Colorful graphic


I know I sound like a broken record, but sorry for my absence. I never thought I would ever be this busy in my life. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. And Aria is such a great distraction. As much as I love blogging she takes priority. Hopefully when […]

Ready for Spring graphic

Ready for Spring

Spring is around the corner and I cannot be more excited. OK so maybe we still have a while before spring is here but I am so ready for it. I love the spring colors, I love cool air. And it gets us closer to summer 🙂 So I wanted to wear color. Sometimes fall […]

Sweater Weather graphic

Sweater Weather

The crisp fall air, the changing leaves..ahhh I do love fall. Brandon and I love our walks even more now that its cooler and so gorgeous outside. Aria loves getting out and looking around. We love our walks. I have been having to grab sweaters and jackets for our walk and I must say this […]

Shopping Bag Lady graphic

Shopping Bag Lady

So this day was cold, wet and I had to be out and about. So I bundled up. You ever like your outfit then you see pictures of it and then you were like uhh…I look like a shopping bag lady. But whatever, you win some you loose some. So today I present Cayli as […]

Casual yet again graphic

Casual yet again

So being casual right now is a must. The belly is obviously getting huge and there is just not a whole lot of room in there so I do not want to be more uncomfortable than I already am. So nice stretchy maxi skirts and nice stretchy shirts are my best friends. I love this […]

Keeping it Casual graphic

Keeping it Casual

Today was on of those days where it was just to hot and to humid to even put a lot into an outfit. Just a simple tee and shorts. It was 106 degrees and so so hot. Makes me appreciate air conditioning just that much more. This is my first actual maternity shirt and it […]