A simple Mauve Ruffle graphic

A simple Mauve Ruffle

Good Morning, I shop Jane often, like every day for a good deal on cute items. I found this top for under $23 and fell in love with the ruffle detail on it. I fell in love with the simple mauve ruffle and the color of this amazing sweater. The Top This top is from […]

Tribal Sweater graphic

Tribal Sweater

Hey guys! I don’t know about you but I dread the first of the year..simply because the gym becomes a mad house! I like working out at off times, but when the new year rolls around there is just no such thing. I am glad we are all trying to get in shape but this […]

Cold Comfy Sweaters+Keep It close Giveaway graphic

Cold Comfy Sweaters+Keep It close Giveaway

Hey guys wore this for a post for sexy modest blog. If you missed it here it is! The weather has been dropping! It was super cold Saturday. But it was such an enjoyable weekend.  I love this type of cold however, because I love nice baggy sweaters. Especially this one from Sexy Modest Boutique! […]

Ducks in Trouble graphic

Ducks in Trouble

So the title of the post is an inside joke. I know two of you that read this will for sure get the joke 😉 So I have a scary past with ducks, well birds in general. They do not like me at all! When I was like five I was at a place called […]

Wahoo!! A new leaf has been turned! graphic

Wahoo!! A new leaf has been turned!

Hey guys! Happy humpday! Can I just say what a difference a few days makes. For the past few years, my poor family has experienced so much. Cancer, death, falling outs, unexpected life events. We have made it through so much and this year has changed. It is calm, we are all well, good things […]