After a long day at work…loooonnnnggg day might I add.
This is my go to outfit, Tshirt, skinny jeans and a scarf! 
And of course a top knot I learned from another blogger,
whose blog is freaking amazing and she is gorgeous.
Visit her blog at
Not that anyone reads this blog yet haha.
Shirt: Husbands hehe
Scarf: Rue21 of course
Jeans: Rue21…I have a problem
Shoes: Steve Madden
Earrings: Papparazzi
Sunglasses: Rue21
These are my only pair of sunglasses I lose 
every freaking pair, and these are the sole survivors.
I swear I would lose my head if it was not attached. 

                                        I just love this man…he sure knows how to cheer me up
                                        we never have pictures of us, that is going to change now
                                         I have this nifty camera 🙂

                     The cutest nephew in the whole entire world…I think he just ate a popsicle
                      look at the joy in that little face…:) I love this kid.

And this beauty is Ms. Kenny!! She is my cute little niece.
She was diagnosed with cerberal palsy last year, and we
pray she will be able to walk, if not we love her anyway
we can have her. We almost lost her once. And we are
sure glad she is here. Such a cute baby!

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