Who is not loving the kimono trend?! I am loving it! They are so comfortable and so much room to move around. Utah has been so freaking windy and rainy so we took advantage of nice weather and went on a walk. The clouds over head are pretty scary looking though. Yesterday the city I live in had a funnel cloud rotating over my house. With our mountains we normally don’t get tornadoes. The mountain ranges are suppose to maintain the wind speeds. But we have had two tornadoes here in my life time and one was pretty devastating. Fingers crossed we don’t get anymore. Hope you are all having a lovely week!

Kimono: Cotton On
Tank: Cotton On 
Flats: Forever Young (similar and want)
Necklace: c/o Apple of My Eye Jewelry soon to be Taffy Apple Lane on myshopify.com
make sure to check them out on Groopdealz, Sassysteals, and Jane.com for deals they have going. 

17 thoughts on “Kimono”

  1. loving it of course. I so think you need to come my way esp since Friday is pay day and I am in desperate need of some wonderful looking work clothes so I can rock it like you do in everything you wear. So please get up with me girl. You dont even have to come my way. We can just chat. Email me or message me lady on fb.

  2. I need to be better about keeping up on your blog. I didn't even know Kimonos were in style. You are my go to girl for what's in style. =)

  3. Hey cutie. We talked about hair extensions in an email like forever ago. Did you finally decide? Love the look. Your eyes are stunning in this pic

  4. I love Apple of my eye, I have'nt seen them on Etsy.. now I know why. I tried searching her store the other day and it would'nt let me

  5. Cute outfit! And all the photos you took are so fun and spontaneous, lovely to see. Some fashion bloggers really seem to force their pictures, you know, to look as model-like or editioral as can be. But it ends up just looking cold and even ridiculous. But you, you look very natural in front of the camera. It's a pleasure to watch.

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