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I never in my wildest dreams thought I would become a mother. I did not think that was in the cards for me. I was thankfully wrong and I love being a mother. It is hard work! I don’t think I gave my parents enough credit. At my age my mom had three kids. Yikes!

Transitioning from babyhood to toddler hood is quite a task. They are walking, kinda talking and getting into everything! You plan a day to get things done, you feel like your hair is on fire all day. The end of the day rolls around and you feel like you have accomplished nothing! Which is totally normal and fine and I am sure all you mom’s can relate. These few items down below of certainly helped Aria and I both cope with toddler hood.

toddler nightlight

Nightlight: Aria has been scared of the dark for a long while. She loves this cute little nightlight. It changes colors, she can pick it up and take it to the bathroom with her on that blessed day that she is potty trained. I think there is a dog one as well.

toddler must haves treats tech diaper care

Snacks: Aria is a snacker. She loves snacks. She is always digging in someones bag or purse for any sort of snack.We feed her I swear, she just snacks like we don’t. These little boxes of Cheerio’s are awesome for her diaper bag. They don’t spill, wont get smashed, and stay fresh. When she needs a snack we pop open a box and she snacks a little bit and the box closes back up for the next snack time. It is a healthier option and less sticky!

Burt’s Bees Butt Cream: Aria is a late teether. She is finally getting her molars in. However she has had the worst red bum from teething. It got really bad this weekend and this cream literally saved our butts. It is a tad on the pricey side, but it is well worth it. We like to mix it with coconut oil as well. Coconut oil is good for everything I swear its a miracle oil.

Infant Optics Baby Monitor: As a first time mom I was terrified when we transitioned Aria to her crib at about 8 weeks. I was so nervous that something terrible would happen. I would be the mom that would wake her baby up constantly coming in her room and checking on her. Luckily we found this camera baby monitor. It has worked so nicely for us. I can wake up and see her sleeping. I can turn the sound on to hear her breathing. It is so nice. If she wakes up the audio on the monitor automatically kicks on. Alerting us she is awake, crying, or rolling around. It is an inexpensive option and you can add multiple cameras to the one monitor.

Hand Sanitizer: I love my daughter but kids are gross. Boogers, poop the whole shabang. I am always using hand sanitizer. I have some in my car, diaper bag, bathrooms. Everywhere!

favorite toddler book/binky

Max the Brave Book: This book has been hidden a few times from Aria. I know kids need the repetition, but reading this book 200 times a day can get old. We tried reading another book but she wants this one. It is a cute little story about a cat who wants to chase a mouse, but isn’t sure what a mouse looks like. He goes around asking all the different critters if they are a mouse of if they have seen a mouse. We finally comes across a mouse who tell him he is not a mouse he is a monster. Max believes the monster he is trying to wake up is a mouse. You will have to read the rest to find out what happens. It is an adorable book.

WubbaNub: This dang binky has magic voodoo powers. It has helped Aria stay asleep all night. Prior to the WubbaNub she would wake up looking for her binky in her bed, of course it is small and gets lost. She is to tired to continue to look for it and ends up crying for mom or dad. That is where the WubbaNub comes into play. They binky is attached to a lightweight stuffed animal. So if the binky does pop out at night it is easy for them to find and put back in. I give this out to everyone who is expecting. It is a life saver. It comes in so many different varieties of animals.

toddler gladiator sandals

Gladiator Sandals: These are the most adorable little sandals ever. Shopping for toddler shoes in Aria’s size is hard. She has the tiniest little feet. She just barely grew out of 6-9 months shoes. She is 19 months old. I was so excited to find that these sandals fit her. They are perfect for summers at the zoo. They go with everything and they keep her cool in this hot summer weather.

old navy denim jacket for toddlers

Old Navy: Where would I be without Old Navy. They have the cutest and most affordable kids clothes. Seriously you can buy items for cheap as $2. Sometimes .50 but you really have to be watching and beating other mom’s with hangers to get that deal. We found this cute jacket a year ago on sale for $7 I believe. She get’s so many compliments when she wears this jacket. It is so cute, and heavy duty. I highly recommend Old Navy for toddler clothes.

I hope this helps you guys like it has helped me. I loved reading products other mom’s use to help this amazing but tough time in our lives.

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