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DIY Homework Caddy
The most chaotic part of having my kids head back to school is having everything they need to do their homework in one organized space. When I was younger it wasn’t the homework that was hard for me but having all the resources to complete the homework was the real issue. I was constantly running around trying to find crayons, markers, rulers, and calculators. They were never in one neat place. When I eventually did find everything, as luck would have it, the calculators’ batteries would be dead, or the stapler would be out of staples. It was just an unorganized and hectic time.
Through all my trial and errors during high school, I discovered an organizational system, which finally worked for me. I found that Ziploc® brand products were the best way to organize everything I needed to complete my homework. Ziploc® brand products aren’t just for storing food. When things get hectic Ziploc® brand products help organize everything from cookies to crafts. They are a fantastic way to neatly organize your homework caddy.
Ziploc® brand products are a lot more durable than other brands. I love that they don’t tear or rip at the seams. Plus, they are easy to grip and open, but won’t open unexpectedly. I know I can rely on Ziploc® brand Snack Bags to hold up when packing snacks for Aria. I don’t want to have to worry about her snacks spilling inside of her lunch bag. Additionally, I need all my school supplies to be the same way: secure and organized.


I love my homework caddy. When Aria is old enough for homework, she will have everything she needs and more.
Homework Caddy


First, you will find a caddy that can hold all of your supplies. Mine is actually a shower caddy I got from the dorm section at my local grocery store.
I added some mounting putty to the bottom of the canisters to hold them in place. This neatly holds your pens, pencils, markers and such, and keeps them from spilling over.
Homework Caddy


Homework Caddy
I then added pens and pencils to the bottles, which I placed in the caddy.
Homework Caddy


Homework Caddy

I like to store crayons in Ziploc® brand Slider Bags, which you can mix all the crayons together instead of having multiple boxes cramping your space.

Homework Caddy


Homework Caddy

Now just add all the extra school supplies your child will need such as erasers, scissors, staplers, extra staples, pencil sharpener, tape, and glue.

homework caddy

I found my Ziploc® brand products and school supplies at my local Smith’s market.


I would love to see what items you would include in your homework caddy. What type of Ziploc® brand products do you use to organize your life? Check out how others use their Ziploc® brand products for back to school ease here.

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  1. My kids are so unorganized at homework time. i need to purchase a caddy and make a homework station of sorts for them! #client

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