pink for fall


pink for fall


pink for fall


pink for fall
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Hey Guys,

Fall is quickly creeping upon us. Time for coats, sweaters, ponchos, jackets and sweaters. My favorite style season! I am a jacket junkie. I have had so many questions from so many people asking how to incorporate color into fall/winter fashion. I had a girl mention how she hated all the cold, dark colors. She wants to wear color all year round no matter the season. Well ladies you don’t have to wear fall or winter “colors”. You can wear whatever color you want.

This pink coat is perfect to bring color to the cold months ahead. It’s over sized, its beautiful and it is very warm! I took these pics in 98 degree weather. I was dying!! Why wear a coat in 98 degree weather? I want you to get the jump on coat shopping. Fashion sales a season ahead. So go grab those coats while you can get them for a great price. Like this one, if you are a new shopper to Tobi you can get your first order 50% off! So stock up on all those fall staples now.

I wanted to style this baby pink with baby blue. These two colors belong together! I love the softness and the brightness it brings to the dreary cold, dark weather ahead of us. How cute would this be with a pair of baby pink hunters? I really need to hop on that band wagon!

Coats with color can really bring a lot more to your outfit. An all black outfit with a cute pink coat can take an outfit from dark and dreary to bright and happy. It adds a pop to any monochromatic outfit, it can be used as a contrast to accessories, or just an addition to interest. This would also look amazing with a baby blue dress. Really girls go and get a bright, happy color for your fall/winter wardrobe.

5 thoughts on “Fall is coming!”

  1. I was gonna say, a coat in this heat!? You must have been dying. But I am so ready for fall and coat/jacket/sweater season now. It always surprises me when I feel that "switch" flip. I love summer and don't want winter to come…but fall is my favorite season.

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