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I never realized how hard selling a home would be. After recently putting our home on the market, I learned quickly how difficult it was. There is so much you have to do. Keeping the house clean is always a challenge with animals and a toddler. You have to live in a museum, because you never know when someone would call requesting to see your home on a moments notice. We had our home on the market for a little less than a month. It felt like an eternity.

You will have buyers that want to stop by on a moments notice, there will be some that are 45 minutes early, some that run late, it is all a hectic schedule. I am so glad this part of our life is over. Selling a home is exhausting, frustrating, heart breaking, and exciting. I would love to help aid in making this long process a little easier for you.

-Take a day to really deep clean and de-clutter. I used the Scotch-Brite® Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge (the green one) for all my pots, pans, oven racks, microwave rack, and sink. It cleans tough messes 50% faster than any of my other sponges. I donated any clothes, towels, or toys my family hasn’t used.

-Keep sinks and counters clear of messes. We did our dishes right after every meal. I used the Scotch-Brite®Heavy Duty Soap Dispensing Dishwand (the green one) to keep my cookware clean. It is really important to keep surfaces clear of dishes and messes.


-Counter tops are the things most touched and observed by buyers. Keep them clean and clear of messes. With granite counter tops I needed a gentle sponge that would scratch my surfaces. The Scotch-Brite®Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge (the blue one), is perfect for all my quick wipe down jobs. They are perfect for counters, cook tops, tubs, shower tile, and windows. Target often has great sales on Scotch-Brite™ products, so check your Cartwheel often!

-Have a caddy full of cleaning products, and sponges so you can easily grab and clean quickly. You can make one for yourself or you can make one like mine. I have just the basics, all purpose cleaners, some dusting rags,etc. I added lemon oil to all my cleaners to give everything a fresh smell, instead of an over powering bleach or cleanser smell.


-Make sure beds are always made. I cannot stress to you how important this part is. A messy bed is a huge pet peeves of buyers. You want your home to feel warm and welcome, and tidy.

-Hide any laundry, throw it in the washer or dryer, throw it in the back of your vehicle, keep it out of sight. We sometimes hid our laundry under our pillows, it fluffed the pillows and hid our clothes all at the same time. We only did that for last minute showings.

-Hide garbage cans. Empty them often, it helps keep your home smelling fresh. We placed ours in the garage on our way out.

-Make sure toilet lids are down and free of dust, or hair. Buyers want to see a well taken care of, clean area.

-Mop as much as you can. Buyers don’t want to stick to your floor.

-Dust your blinds! Buyers often look out the windows and they can see if you have an inch of dust hanging out on your blinds.

– Clean your cook top, buyers look at the oven to see what kind of house keeper you are. If the oven and cook top is clean they know the house is probably well maintained.

-Have windows cleaned, professionally or DIY. It lets more light in.

I hope these tips make selling your home a little easier. It is not easy to go through the process. You will get through it!

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