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As a first-time mom, we stress about everything.I knew I would be returning to work and I would need to have plenty of milk and bottles for Aria while I was away. I was always concerned my daughter would get nipple confusion. Lucky for me bottles now are more shaped like a mothers nipple, to help reduce the likelihood of a baby getting confused. I can happily say she fed both from a bottle and from me without any issues. This is such a fun baby shower gift that if fun to make and fun to give.
 Playtex Baby™ Nurser® with Drop-Ins®Liners with the Most Like Mom® NaturaLatch® Nipple make the perfect duo for your baby. They both work to mimic breastfeeding. The liner gently collapses as does the breast when the baby is feeding. It also helps the air mixing with the milk reducing the chances of a colicky baby. The nipple has a raised texture making it easier for baby to latch. I really have so many good things to say about these bottles. If you’re a working mom who needs to switch between bottle feeding and breastfeeding these nipples are amazing for reducing that confusion for baby. They have different flow nipples available to help tailor to the needs of your baby. When I researched bottles I wanted realistic nipples, different flows to mimic my flow, and I wanted them to be silicone and BPA free.

When preparing for a baby, or shopping for a baby shower registries make life so much easier. It helps ensure you get what you want and helps ensure you buy what the expecting mom needs. Walmart is a one-stop shop for all babies needs. That’s where I got everything I needed for this adorable diaper plane. Check for on packaging coupons giving you $3 off eligible 3 packs of Playtex™ Baby bottles including the Playtex Nurser 8 oz., VentAire 9oz., and VentAire Colors.



Supplies you will need:
-Blankets (receiving blankets work best)
-Foam Board
-Stroller Fan (for propeller)
-Baby Bottles
-Diapers (size 1 work best )
-Paper Towel Roll
-Scrapbook Paper
-A lot of patience

First, you are going to map out the plane on your foam board. This is going to act as the foundation of your plane. I used an RC plane map to configure my plane. This one here works perfectly.



Cut the board out according to the map. Do not cut all the way through on the dotted lines.




Now you are going to wrap your wings in the receiving blankets. You can hold them on with tape or you can use ribbon.

Before wrapping the body of the plane in a blanket you are going to want to cut a slot to fit your Stroller fan through.



Now that your propeller is on wrap the blanket and tuck it into the body. You can run tape along the inside for a tighter fit.The ribbon also works well.
Take your paper towel roll and paint it, wrap it in paper or ribbon, decorate it to your liking. I use scrapbook paper and I just rolled it. It looks cute and disguises the roll well. This will be the axle that holds your diaper wheels.


Now to the diaper part of the cake. This is probably where most your time and patience comes into play. You can use a cake pan as a mold that helps keep things even, and easy to form. Once your diapers are molded to your liking wrap it in ribbon and tape it down tightly.
Start to secure your pieces together. Use tape or ribbon to tie them down. You are going to now secure your wings and your wheels to the body. By using the x technique it will secure them down with little effort.


Add the bottles to the cockpit and secure them.


Now you stuff that plane with stuffed animals, little things on the registry.
This completes your Airplane Diaper Cake. It is perfect because you can customize it to the registry. Diaper cakes are always fun to give as gifts, and fun to receive as gifts.

I would love to see how you recreate this. Tweet me pics of how you recreated this amazing diaper cake airplane. Get everything you need at Walmart. You can find these Playtex bottles and more here.

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