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I know this is not an original tradition. A lot of families do it. It is a fun tradition I would love to start with Aria. It’s a fun way to celebrate Christmas Eve. My budget for the box is around $15. I did go over a bit this year with the movie.
Let’s take a look at the box!

Christmas Eve Box

I love getting new pajamas, especially when they coordinate with Aria. It’s fun to wake up Christmas morning and have brand new pajamas. Carters always has some of the cutest jammies. Sam’s Club has these jammies from $5-8. I like to stock up during the warmer months when the have these on sale, I did get a pair for $3 one year.

Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Book:
We love reading at bedtime. A Christmas story not only helps get her to sleep, but gets us in the Christmas spirit. I love this one, it has 9 different Christmas classics that we love. Costco and Sams Club both have a huge selection of Holiday books. This book was only $7.


Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Movie:
This is another addition that helps us get into the spirit. We like to share movies with her that we grew up on. This version of The Christmas Carol is my favorite. I used to watch this as a child and it brings back so many wonderful Christmas memories. I did spend a little more on this than I usually do for Eve boxes. I usually only spend about $5, but we had to have this one.

Christmas Eve Box

Of course no movie is complete without popcorn. Aria’s favorite snack as of lately. Petersen’s Farm has these for $6. It comes with everything you need, it comes with two ears, and popping bags. They make amazing neighbor gifts. Aria loves this popcorn.

Christmas Eve Box

I would love to hear your Christmas Traditions. If you do a Christmas Eve box what do you put in them?

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  1. Cute idea! I've never done the Christmas box! But my Uncle always left us a big box of random toys, games, and treats a few days before Christmas. He's doorbell ditch us, so we weren't supposed to know it was him, but of course, we did. I loved that tradition and am sad not to have it anymore. Maybe I'll have to coordinate with one of my siblings or a friend to keep that tradition alive! Thanks for sharing!!!

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