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I love Nativity everything. Books, dolls, toys whatever. It is a fun way to incorporate the true meaning of the season. My mom has a gorgeous porcelain nativity. It is no where near toddler friendly though. I found two ways you can have an adorable nativity scene you don’t have to shoo your toddler away from.

Nativity Blocks:

Nativity Blocks:

Nativity Blocks

My amazing Grandma made these for us to have around when we had kids of our own. She printed the cute characters onto card stock and modge podged them onto stained blocks.

They are adorable and they have coordinating scriptures on the back of each one.

Aria loves to play with these. She can stack them and play with them without a second thought. She loves carrying around the animals and making the noises.  These are awesome to have for the Season.

You can find your own here, here and here.

To Make:



-modge podge

-nativity characters (here)

  1. Measure the 2×4 to each character. Some characters will be taller than others.
  2. Cut the piece accordingly.
  3. Stain each block and let dry completely.
  4. Modge podge the character onto the block.
  5. Let dry and enjoy.

Nativity Advent Scene:

Nativity Advent Calender

We have had this in our family since the dawn of time. I remember such fond memories with this advent calendar. I remember each night my mom sat us down to do this advent each night. It was fun to actually do things as a family each night for 20 minutes. I really enjoyed it and would love to pass this tradition on to Aria.

Each character is s different day. Each one has a song a scripture and a little story to go along with it. They are laminated to you don’t have to worry about little hands bending or tearing the pieces. Although Aria took off with the star and I have yet to find it. You can always replace the song or poem with a movie or story. Make it your own.

We put up the characters with that mounting putty. That way Aria can move them and play with them and they will continue to stick to the background.

I cannot find the one I have anywhere! I tried, it is so old I wouldn’t even know where to look!

Similar ones can be found here, here, and here.

*UPDATE the amazing woman that made this for my mom sent me the master copy so you can find it here to make your own.*

*Stories that go with the nativity (Day 1-6) (Day 7-13) (Day 14-24)

Nativity Coloring Pages:

Coloring pages are everywhere. You can find these at the dollar store, print them offline. Kids love coloring. Here is a whole list of coloring pages here. There are some here for you to color. (Don’t deny it, you like coloring too!)

I would love patterns or any other Nativity DIY’s that you may have! What Nativity traditions do you have in your family?

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