Hey Babes,

I have been loving this chevron arrow trend that is everywhere. I wanted to incorporate this trend into my valentines day decor.

The wood connection had these adorable arrows all made up with chalkboard paint and handwritten messages on these arrows. I thought it was adorable, but chalkboard, chalk and a toddler..it wouldn’t last long.

I love the ombre trend so I decided to do that with my arrows. I originally had one arrow white, but I had to add a little pink, due to the fact my piano was white and it blended in too much.

Again this project is inexpensive, quick and so chic.

Paint (pink, darker pink, red)
Layout the arrows and start with the lightest color. Paint the entire arrow I do the front, back, and sides.
ombre chevron arrows
Now paint with the darker pink.
And finally paint the arrow in red.
ombre chevron arrows
Let dry.
ombre chevron arrows
I have seen these arrows stained and white washed. They look gorgeous both ways.
How would you paint these arrows. Are you more into the stain and white wash, or bright bold colors?
ombre chevron arrows

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