Farmhouse Free Range Chicken Sign

Hey Babes,

I have always been in love with the farmhouse decor. I have always loved the vintage, distressed look. Thanks to the amazing Joanna Gaines it has become more and more popular making it easier and easier to find things. If you haven’t watched Fixer Upper you need to! Who doesn’t love Joanna?!

This sign was so simple to make and I am adding it my piano decor for Easter. I love how reversed vinyl makes a sign look hand painted. I got everything I needed from The Wood Connection. It’s inexpensive, and will only take an hour or so of your time.

diy farmhouse decordiy farmhouse decor

farmhouse decore diy farmhouse decor diy farmhouse decor


Paint (I used white and grey)




Heat Gun (optional)

First of all you are going to sand the wood. Make sure everything is smooth and ready to paint.

diy farmhouse decor

Take the grey paint and cover the area where the vinyl will lay.

diy farmhouse decor

You can let it dry, or take a heat gun and run it over the area until it is dry.

If the paint doesn’t dry all the way the vinyl won’t stick.

Once dry lay down the vinyl. Make sure it is stuck on well. I went over each piece with the end of my paint brush.

diy farmhouse decor

Now paint the area white. I did two or three coats. Let dry or use a heat gun.

diy farmhouse decor

When using a heat gun, be careful not to melt the vinyl. Keep the gun moving.

diy farmhouse decor

Once the white paint is dry start pulling up the vinyl. This will take time.

diy farmhouse decor

You can take some sandpaper and distress the areas to give it more of a distressed look.

Now you have an adorable sign to decorate your home with. I love how this turned out. It took me close to an hour to complete. It works so well with my home.

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