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When we lived in a town home I could stay on top of cleaning pretty easily. We moved to a house with more than double the square footage, so keeping on top of the cleaning has been a bit of a task. Working, blogging and taking care of Aria is a lot of work, adding household duties is pretty impossible to do yourself. Asking for help from your partner is very important. Brandon and I help eachother out with duties so one person doesn’t feel completely bogged down. Here are a few cleaning tips and tricks that I have learned that work for our family.

  1. Have one day where everyone pitches in and cleans: Saturday Morning we try to clean every room. Vacuum, dust, wipe down toilets, etc. Aria will help dust, or she will watch a movie while we clean.
  2. Tidy up every night. Wipe down counters have the kids put away toys before bed. This has helped significantly keep things clean.
  3. Have cleaning caddies for easy access. Have it packed ready for the next week of cleaning so you just grab and go. You don’t have to run around looking for anything. It is all in one place ready to go. This is the caddie I use.                                                       cleaning caddie
  4. Make a schedule if you can’t do it all in one day. This really helps break up the tasks.   cleaning schedule
  5. Clean up after making a mess. For example clean up as you cook. Use a bowl to mix rinse it out and wash it before moving on to the next step of cooking.
  6. Pick an area a day to organize or tidy up. Do this during nap time, or whenever the kids are in bed or occupied. It gives you the ability to focus. There have been a few times where Brandon will take Aria to visit grandparents or take her out to eat while I organize or clean. It brings sanity to us all.
  7. When doing Laundry again I pick a day and just commit. That day is again Saturday. I get a load going as soon as we wake up. I will switch loads as we go about cleaning. Brandon is really good about helping fold and put away laundry.
  8. Clean out clothes, toys, shoes once a month. Donate or sell things that you haven’t used, your kids haven’t used lately. Things that may be broken, worn out, or don’t fit. This helps free up so much space in your house.
  9. Putting on a movie or music while you clean helps pass the time. I often watch movies on my phone while I clean. I have to do multiple things at a time. Right now I am watching Bates Motel.
  10. 10.Enjoy your clean house. Even if it is for a couple minutes take a look at a clean space and enjoy it.

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  1. I love all these tips, and I definitely do a lot of them! My favorite thing about folding laundry is I get to sit and watch a show ha ha. And I’m a huge believer in cleaning up as you cook! These are some great ideas!

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