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From the second I found I was pregnant with Aria I read parenting articles, books, magazines etc. One of the things that I read that seemed to help most parents was, stability..a routine. If the child knows exactly what to expect they will know the outcome. It just made sense to me and I really liked all the advice I received on keeping your kid on a schedule.

Now I won’t like, there were some nights we failed to stick to a schedule, and it everything was fine. There are a lot of sacrifices you make with sticking to a schedule. Being out later, having to stay home at certain times to abide with the nap time etc. Aria is a much happier child, and I am much happier mom when this schedule is in affect. She naps well, she is happy, she doesn’t throw fits most of the time. Kids will be kids and have their moments but this schedule has really helped us with Aria.

As a baby at about 6 months we started to introduce this schedule. She was always a great sleeper, and this schedule really helped keep her from the regression. She did hit a few regressions but they seemed to go a little easier when we were on schedules. There were a few times we didn’t abide the schedule and Aria was not a happy camper. When she was a baby she would wake up at 7 am take a nap at 10, wake up at noon, then go down at 3. She would wake up around 5 and we would keep up her up until 8. Most of the time she would sleep until 1 am for a feeding then go back down until 7 am. ¬†This was a great schedule for us. Every one got sleep and she was a happy baby, and we were happy parents. She really made it easy. Keeping her on the schedule really prepared her for one as a toddler. She know when she needs to go down, and what to expect when she wakes up.
daily toddler routine


-Aria will wake up usually at 8 am. Sometimes 7:30. She has always been a pretty good sleeper thankfully. She loves her beauty sleep.

daily toddler routine

– I go in and open her blinds and say Good Morning. I try to start her off with positivity. Even when I am feeling crumby. This helps her mood if she wakes up grumpy. I make her smile.

-We then make her bed and changer her diaper.

-She likes to read a book, or she likes to dance for about a half hour. So we play for a bit. Her favorite books at the moment are Gus the Friendly Ghost, and If you give a pig a party. 

daily toddler routine

-We then feed her breakfast. She is such a slow eater, seriously this process can take close to 45 minutes. She loves to eat oatmeal, or Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Cereal.

daily toddler routine


-We then play, watch some shows, learn, visit Grandma whatever. Our current favorite toys are Marble Tracks, Felt food, Hot Wheels and Daniel Tiger Figurines. For our education hour we play with Melissa and Doug letters, Printable from pinterest and our Tot trays.

daily s


-Depending on how early she woke up we then have lunch, if she woke up early lunch is at 11:30 nap at 12:30. If she woke up late lunch is at 12:30 nap at 1.

-She will usually take a 2-3 hr nap. Some days she has slept up to 4 hours. This awesome time is the time I blog, clean and take some me time.

-She will wake up normally about 3:30.

-We play more, learn more, I let her play games on my phone for a little bit, then we play some learning puzzles or visit Grandma’s house. Her favorite games on my phone are Duplo Lego games, Daniel Tiger, and Robots Wordplay.

daily toddler routine


-Dinner is at 6. We are working on the picky eating. Lately she has only been interested in chicken nuggets, cottage cheese and Greek yogurt. Got to love the picky food stage.

-Every other night is bath night so we start that about 7 and then we move on to her nighttime routine. I will post our nightly routine later on.

This schedule keeps us all sleeping, and happy. The key is consistency.

I would love to know your toddler schedules. How to you maintain them?

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  1. Ooooh man! I would feel like I died and went to heaven if my kids would sleep that much! If Kendall ever napped for 3 hours it was because she was sick! I could get som much done…scratch that…I could get a good nap in myself! Haha! Keira at least gives me an hour and a half nap in the afternoon every so often that aligns with when Kendall is asleep and that’s been awesome. I love that she gets to go play and hang out with her grandma so often to.

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