Hey Babes,

So for this Mom Style Monday all of us sent eachother a box of spring goodies. I loved this idea and had such a fun time shopping and shipping off a box of goodies for another amazing mom.

My amazing box came from Madeline. I loved each and every item she sent in my box. Let’s get started.

The Box:


I was so excited to get these cute little flowers. We are landscaping out backyard right now and we are making a little garden for Aria. These would be perfect for her little garden. She loves flowers as much as I do.


Who doesn’t love chocolate? She sent me a bunch of candy. I am not going to lie some of it was consumed before I could take pictures of them. As I write this, I am  currently eating the Dove Peanut Butter Egg as I write this. Whoever mixed chocolate and peanut butter is my hero. I could eat my weight in peanut butter and chocolate.

Lip Products

I love love love Burt’s Bee’s. So I was so excited to get this lip balm. Not to mention we are planting wild flowers in our backyard to #bringbackthebees. So this just is perfect for me and the cause I believe in.

These H&M lip glosses are pretty amazing. I have never tried them before and I fell in love with the color and the formula. The colors from left to right are Mallow Kiss, Raspberry Kiss, and Pink Fudge. Mallow Kiss is such a gorgeous color, I am in love. It is a fun neutral that pairs well with about anything. I really love that shade on me.


I love note cards. Every time I work with a company I love sending them a Thank you note. I love these adorable Target cards. They are cute and fun and colorful.


The Magnolia Journal was probably the highlight of the box. I love Joanna, and when I opened up the magazine I saw my favorite bloggers! (Shanty 2 Chic) I have followed them since way back when they first started! We actually just built a desk from plan off their site. I cannot wait to show you that. But I love love love their blog and was so excited to see them in a magazine produced by an amazing woman.

This scarf is so cute. It is this beautiful cream, navy and red. Probably my favorite color combination ever. This is another H&M gem. I really love this store. They have so many cute things.

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  1. I’m so glad you liked it all!! I had heard some good things about the glosses, and now I am kicking myself for not getting some for me too ha ha. (Also, I almost ate some of your candy too, but I resisted hahaha)

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