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how to remedy a migraine

As a Mom, I cannot afford to be sore or in pain. I have a two year old that requires lots of running and playing. I have to be proactive when managing my migraines and my knee pain. Curamin® Stop Pain Now helps me manage these issues so I can enjoy our little moments together.

I have been a dancer since I was 5. I have always enjoyed the physical aspect and the therapy it brought to my life. I unfortunately inured my knee tearing my meniscus. I also damaged my knee cap. It pretty much ended dance for me. Surgery repaired the issue, but I never got the strength back. I often swell up, and I often have an ache in my knee.

I have also always dealt with Migraines. Before having Aria I would get 2-4 a month. Luckily I am down to 2-3 a month. If you have ever suffered a migraine you know it is absolutely painful. Moms know it’s really hard to run around with kids when your vision is blurry and the light is painful.

To keep myself from painful migraines and a sore knee I have several remedies that save me!

  • Peppermint oil & Curamin® Stop Pain Now
  • Rice Bag
  • Epsom Salt Bath with Lavender
  • Migraine Foot Bath

I have tried all these remedies and I know they work. Each remedy is relatively inexpensive but you can’t put a price on feeling well.

migraine remedies

Peppermint Oil & Curamin® Stop Pain Now:

Peppermint cools and relaxes tight muscles. It feels incredible on a migraine. I often take a shower during Aria’s nap. I take the recommended dose of Curamin®,  I then put about 1 tsp of peppermint oil in my shampoo and massage it into my scalp. The area relaxes allowing the Curamin® to set in and do it’s job. Curamin® has clinically studied ingredients for safe pain relief. It is safe, effective and non addictive. I found  Curamin® at my local Sprouts.

natural ways to kick a migraine

Rice Bag:

Rices bags are amazing for my knee pain, and migraines. I keep it in the freezer for my convenience. When a migraine sets in I set the bag over my eyes and sometimes the back of my head. This helps lessen the intensity and throbbing of the migraine. It also shields out the light allowing you to rest and relax. Rice bags are incredibly easy and inexpensive to make.

Epsom Bath with Lavender:

When my knee is feeling really sore during nap time I hop into a hot epsom salt bath infused with lavender oil, or lavender bath bombs. Pain management is all about relaxing the body to supplements like Curamin® can help fight the pain. I add about 1 cup of Epsom salt and 6 drops of lavender to a hot bath. I turn off the lights and relax.

how to remedy a migraine

Migraine Foot Bath:

This one is not only awesome to help relieve migraines it is a nice little spa treatment. I do these when a migraine sets in fast and Aria is not down for a nap. She usually watches a movie or plays some games on my phone while I do this treatment. I grab a bucket of hot water and peppermint oil. Then, I place my feet in the water and place a cold ice pack or rice bag on the back of my neck. I’m basically leaning over the foot bath. The smell gets into your system and helps the head, as well as the cold pack. It is so relaxing and makes your feet so silky soft.

migraine foot bath

How do you remedy your pain?

natural migraine supplements


You can purchase Curamin® at Sprouts or other fine health food stores or here.


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  1. Eating a cucumber can help as well. I love these ideas and will try them when I get a migraine. I only get about one a month any more. Getting older has its perks – and grandkids. Grandkids are awesome.

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