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It is safe to say everyone wants a white smile. I work in a dental office, everyone strives for the gorgeous bright white smile. Whitening your teeth can be pricey. Some people are too sensitive to go through with it.

Here are some helpful tips to an inexpensive at home routine to brighten that smile.

whiten your teeth at home


Activated Charcoal (similar)

Hydrogen Peroxide

Whitening Toothpaste ( My favorite is Ultradent)

First of all this is a routine so you are going to have to stick with it for a while. A few side notes, if you have crowns they won’t bleach, fillings won’t bleach either.

First I like to brush with the whitening toothpaste from Ultradent. I use whitening toothpaste mostly to maintain my color.

ultradent whitening toothpaste


Next your going to rinse with the hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is the bleaching agent in whitening products. Of course you don’t want to swallow this, but use it as a rinse. I usually swish for a minute or two.

Now go about your day as normal.

Now at night I brush with the activated charcoal. It looks weird, feels weird, but afterwards it makes all the difference. It takes a few days to see any difference. Be careful not to over brush that will cause more harm than good.

activated charcoal

If you are sensitive, use a sensitive toothpaste after the charcoal. Dab the sensitive toothpaste on the areas that are sensitive and let it sit over night. Just brushing with the sensitive toothpaste doesn’t give it time to sit on the tooth and work its magic.

This is such an easy inexpensive way to whiten and maintain your bright smile. Whitening your teeth in office is great its around $300+. This routine costs about $40. The activated charcoal is the expensive item, mine was $30 but I have seen them on Amazon for cheaper. I just love how this one works.

Maintaining a white smile: Use whitening toothpaste, anything that will stain your shirt will stain your teeth, visit your dentist every six months for a cleaning.

If you try this let me know how it works out for you!

I am giving away three 3-packs of this amazing Ultradent toothpaste on my Instagram here. You will love it!

white teeth

This was taken two weeks into my whitening process. Really if you stay on top of your routine and watch what you eat and drink, you can have a nice white smile.

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