Farmhouse Chic Office

Farmhouse Chic Office

Hey Babes,

Welcome to my Farmhouse Chic Office. I am going to start off saying, yes this is a simple office. I am a simple girl and sometimes less is more. Everything I need is here and at the ready. This office is a little loft right outside my room and outside the toy room. So it is in the perfect spot of the house. This is just the perfect office for my job and my personality.

The Desk

Brandon made me this desk from plans we got from Shanty 2 Chic. Their blog has always been one of my favorites. You can find the plans to the desk here.


Pocket Hole Jig


Miter Saw

Tape Measure


Safety Glasses/Hearing Protection


1x      1 x 4 x 72″ Pine; Common Board

2x      1 x 10 x 72″ Pine; Common Board

5x      2 x 4 x 96″ Premium Studs

2x      4 x 4 x 96″ Untreated Pine

1-1/4″ Kreg Pocket Screws (Coarse)

2-1/2″ Kreg Pocket Screws (Coarse)

When shopping for wood check the wood for warps, or blemishes you can’t fix. We made that mistake and got a warped piece.

Farmhouse Chic Office

First measure and mark your wood. Measure twice, cut once.

Farmhouse Chic Office

Cut your pieces. The Ryobi saw Brandon got for Christmas has been amazing. It made the job fast and easy.

Now your going to start gluing, drilling, and screwing everything together.

Farmhouse Chic Office

Farmhouse Chic OfficeNext, sand the crap out of it. It really helps with the stain/painting process. Get an electric sander.

Farmhouse Chic Office Farmhouse Chic Office Farmhouse Chic Office

Staining and painting is where I hit a snag. Originally we wanted a more grey finish but when I stained the desk I didn’t realize we had to wipe it away I thought the wood would just absorb it (yea I know I am an idiot) so the desk looked really blue to me. We sanded it and stained it the Provincial 211 and it actually came out this cool like distressed dark wood color.

After the stain is no longer tacky use a top coat to seal it. It really helps the finish, helps it last longer and prevents it from transferring to your clothes. Brandon did an amazing job on this desk.

Farmhouse Chic Office

Desk Accessories.

I just have my computer, my printer, and my speakers on my desk. There is a small fake plant, this pen cup and this adorable marble mouse pad. 

Farmhouse Chic Office

We are saving up to buy a mac, right now we have HP products and they work well, I just really like the look of the macs and how quick they are. Brandon and I hate to carry debt so we only buy things we can pay cash for. I know it may sound crazy but it really helps us from over spending.

Farmhouse Chic Office Farmhouse Chic Office

These headphones are the most amazing headphones I have ever owned. They are blue tooth and noise cancelling so when I am blogging and watching movies, or Lularoe live sales (haha addicted) I can just have my headphones on and nobody can hear me. I only spent under $35 on them and I love them.

Farmhouse Chic Office

The Art

I initially had a gallery wall planned of fashion quotes and paintings. After testing out this cork board art piece I made I wanted this instead. It would help me stay organized and I can pin up ideas, and due dates. This was so easy to make and so fun to put up.

Farmhouse Chic Office


Cork Boards


Wall Adhesive

Paint your cork boards. They may require a few coats pending the color. I did have to do a few coats of the white.

Farmhouse Chic Office

Let them dry.

Farmhouse Chic Office

Now lay them out on the floor, find a design you like. I think I laid them out in like twenty different patterns before finding this pattern. I fell in love with it.

Farmhouse Chic Office

Now hang them with the wall adhesive. Make sure you press them and hold them for about 40 seconds.

Now you have a gorgeous art piece cork board. I was so excited how this turned out. It’s cool art and a functional piece for my office.

Farmhouse Chic Office

Farmhouse Office and DIY Desk

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